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#MusicExchange: Dr Victor

Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels will be performing at the 'Alistair Izobell the Rebirth Showcase', accompanied by Lira, Jarrad Ricketts and more, at the GrandWest Grand Arena in Cape Town this Saturday, 26 October 2019.
I spoke to Victor, the leader of Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels, last week ahead of the show.

BizcommunityWhat does music mean to you?
Music is like oxygen to me I can’t live without it.

BizcommunityWhat is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?
The good thing about my job is that I get paid to make people happy. It gives me great pleasure when I look around a room and I see how many people are enjoying them. 

BizcommunityWhat drives you: ego or humility? 
I guess all artists have a bit of ego and humility it all depends on which dragon you feed the most in public. But, by nature, I’m a very humble person. I always remind myself where I come from and that keeps me grounded. After all, when you take away the gold discs and all the money, we’re just ordinary people. 

BizcommunityAny funny moments on stage?

Some years back, we were booked to perform at a Vodacom function and, at the end of our set, I ended up thanking MTN for a wonderful gig. When I got off stage, the client was ready to give me a piece of her mind and, like an idiot, I had to go back on stage and apologise.

It’s also very funny when we screw up the words to a song and the fans actually know the lyrics, it can get very uncomfortable on stage. So these days, I even check the old songs including the National Anthem and also ask who’s the client? Just in case. 

BizcommunityWhich living person do you admire most and why?
I admire Bishop Tutu for always setting an example of how we should behave as South Africans whether you’re rich or poor. He preaches respect and tolerance in the true spirit of Ubuntu. 

BizcommunityWhat is your most treasured possession?
I treasure my guitars and microphones – I’ve had them for over 30 years. 

BizcommunityIt’s your round, what are you drinking?
I’ll have Rooibos tea with a slice of lemon. 

BizcommunityWhat makes you stand out?
I don’t think I have much of an image, but when I look back at the album sleeves, I’ve done over the years, I realise I have my own thing going with my bokkie beard and signature hat. When I’m among a dozen musicians, you’ll know who’s Dr Victor. 

All my close friends call me Maviga. 

BizcommunityIf you were not a musician, what would you do?
I like carpentry and always work on DIY projects around the house.  

BizcommunityPick five words to describe yourself. 
Humble, mature, giving, respectable, caring. 

BizcommunityWhat is your favourite word?
I use the word “flou” all the time. It’s the most-used word in my band. 

BizcommunityTop of your bucket list: 
I want to take my wife on a honeymoon through Europe.
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