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Heavenly Dani and the Lion

The quirky cabaret Dani and the Lion will put a song in your heart and a smile on your face. This not-to-be-missed gem showcases the phenomenal talent of songbird Daneel van der Walt and keyboard wiz Roelof Colyn, a devilish comic duo whose suave charm, panache, and mischievousness will seduce your senses and have you begging for more after the hour-long cabaret.
Colyn is the tanked-up depressed lion who supports Van der Walt on her journey into the mindscape of a wacky chick, whose songs echo the tragi-comedy of loneliness, the yearning to be loved, and self-expression to the extent of delicious decadence.

Heavenly Dani and the Lion

If there's one reason to see the show it's for the nuclear-powered chemistry between Colyn and Van Der Walt, whose synergy has hilarious and sometimes poignant ramifications that leaves the audience shouting for more. Van Der Walt and Colyn are a hoot and can turn silence into a laugh riot with the slightest incitement.

You will laugh and even shed a tear with this passionate and endearing experience that perfectly suits the cosiness of the Alexander Upstairs and skilfully directed by Jason Potgieter, whose sense of meticulous detail adds to the pleasure - the cockatoo teapot is absolutely divine.

It's one of those unique creations that you succumb to without any effort, immersing yourself in each song that vividly brings to life peculiar stories that tell of a lonely man on a rock, a giraffe who feels left out because he always has to sit at the back of a theatre, a girl who indulges in soapies and escapades on television, a whale who laments about being alone, and the absolute joy of being a seagull - the charming music and lyrics are by Van Der Walt, with magical musical arrangement by Colyn.

Heavenly Dani and the Lion

It's a nostalgic trip back to the days when the likes of Judy Garland ruled and is refreshing to be able to indulge in cabaret that is unique in every way and offers unequivocal entertainment for anyone who needs to escape into an enchanting world of make believe. If you are looking for a memorable night out with friends and loved ones, make sure to book for Dani and The Lion that is only on for two weeks in Cape Town.

It is on nightly at 9pm from Monday to Saturday until August 1 at the Alexander Bar & Café, 76 Strand Street (Corner Loop). Tickets range from R70 to R100 - discounts apply for advance purchase and certain week nights. Tickets can be booked online at or call 021 300 1652. You can meet at the Alaxander Bar before the show and enjoy some sandwiches, light meals, cheese boards and snacks that are served til midnight.

Images by Nardus Engelbrecht

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