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Edgars campaign celebrates self-expression and creative collaboration

As part of Edgars' refreshed branding strategy, the department store chain is collaborating more with South African creatives. The recently released Sho Madjozi Collection is one of the fruits of the new approach.

A creative collaboration between Edgars and rapper, writer, actress and fashion icon Sho Madjozi, the collection is an eclectic mix of traditional print and colour influences mixed with 90s inspired fashion and Sho Madjozi’s own personal style elements. The artist is seen wearing some of her collection in the new Edgars ‘music-video-like’ TV commercial – in which she also performs a song she co-created with Edgars.

Amongst some of the creative collaborators joining Sho Madjozi are DJ Arch Junior of South Africa’s Got Talent fame, writer and female activist Siphokazi Veti, Top Billing presenter Jonathan Boynton-Lee, comedian Tsi Tsi Chiumya, hair artist and stylist Nikiwe Dlova and make-up mavens Kay Ngonyama and Jessica van Heerden.

Customisation zones

The retailer has also introduced Edgars Custom Zones, in-store customisation kiosks allowing shoppers to express themselves through services like printing, embroidery, badging, engraving, etching and rip and repair. The kiosks are essentially creative stations where shoppers can customise any product to make it unique.

Edgars Custom Zones cater for several services across an assortment of products in Edgars ranging from clothing, footwear, and accessories through to jewellery, homeware, and even fragrances. Your quote of the moment can be splashed across a new tee, jeans can be strategically ripped, bracelets can be embossed, badges can be placed on bags, hats, lapels, denim jackets. You can personalise fragrance bottles with engravings and etchings, have towels embroidered, and customise gifts with your own poems.

Own the look

“We’re giving people the freedom and the space to define themselves like never before,” says Edgars CEO Mike Elliott. “We live in a world where consumers have the absolute freedom to choose exactly what they want to hear, exactly what they want to read, and exactly what they want to watch … why should fashion or beauty or décor be any different? South Africa is the single most exciting and expressive place in the world right now, and as a brand, Edgars is celebrating that on every level.”

Elliott continues: "The way we did things yesterday no longer works for our consumer. The consumers of today have a growing need to feel connected and to express themselves in their own highly individualistic ways. As a brand, we owe it to our consumers to be not just relevant, but to be culturally relevant too. Our newly enhanced brand – more particularly, our “own the look” campaign – is driven by a diversity of everyday people who are all culture creators in their own inspiring ways."

The Sho Madjozi Collection launched mid-December and is available in 22 stores around the country as well as online.

Edgars Custom Zones have launched in the following Edgars stores:

Sandton City, Menlyn Park, Canal Walk, Clearwater Mall, Eastgate and East Rand Mall.

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