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Up-cycling is the theme at Grand Designs Live

Grand Designs Live, the home and garden show, will be taking place at The Ticketpro Dome from 29 to 31 May, 2015. It will boast an array of different sections, each complete with top brands, leading-edge designers, expert tips and innovative features.

This year's theme is all about up-cycling, and the opportunities and innovations that accompany this eco-friendly headspace are endless. Aligned to an ongoing move towards using natural materials and the rebirth of the artisanal craftsman, the need to reuse, re-purpose and reinvent older objects is now a major trend that results in unique, one-off pieces and offers a gentle reminder that we should embrace and celebrate our past, and not succumb to a disposable, always-now culture. Expect to see this approach in many wondrous forms at Grand Designs Live 2015.

Starting the experience off at the entrance you will be greeted with specially adorned eye-catching designs and illustrations by a host of local artists, all drawn with chalk. Then it's on to the Grand Designs Live Tunnel, a momentous entrance sponsored by Whirlpool.

Up-cycling is the theme at Grand Designs Live

From here, The Grand Arches act as a gateway into the show's multiple, diverse areas. First will be Grand Interiors with an incredible Tree House centrepiece sponsored by Belgotex and Duraturf in association with Elle Decor Magazine. This two-roomed tree house, towering high above everything else, has been specially built for the occasion using recycled wood and decorated by top interior decorator, Ilana Swanepoel. Elle Decor's own décor stylist and well-known architect and designer Kate Ghyoot Jollye in a tribute to all things natural will show you how to use spaces effectively and how to add glamour and beauty innovatively and affordably to make your home amazing from the inside.

Garden Theatre Pavilion

Grand Gardens will be enhanced by an incredible Garden Theatre Pavilion, an intricately designed structure open garden accented with pergolas. This amazing space brings the outdoors in by incorporating mighty trees, natural lawns and the sounds of birds. Designed by GLC Design Studio and presented by Garden World, Jane's Delicious Garden and Talborne Organics, it's the ideal place to lie back and relax, whilst listening to Tanya Visser teach you the tips and tricks to be a better gardener in Autumn, Jane Griffiths chats about delicious urban gardening and growing food in the city. Malcolm Hepplewhite will discuss indigenous plants in your garden; Tinus Oberholzer to teach us how to grow orchids and Jill Manson will be discussing how to go green.

In the Grand Build and DIY area, Black+Decker will be constructing a magnificent, towering DIY Theatre. In the spirit of the overall theme, it will be created from two containers stacked on top of each other, and be reinforced by recyclable elements, like seats made from tyres from where guests can sit and listen to even more inspirational words from some of the DIY world's leading lights including Paul Rotherham, Neil Lovell, Marlene Cronje, John Young and Christiaan Beukes, who will show you how to create wall-mounted wine racks, how to make herb planters and even up-cycle a paint tin into a chair.

Up-cycling is the theme at Grand Designs Live

Chef's Theatre

Then, in the Kitchen Area, there's the ever-popular Chef's Theatre, brought to you by Easylife Kitchens, in association with Whirlpool, South African Chefs Association and Food & Home Entertaining. Here one can catch much-loved celebrity foodies Arnold Tanzer from Food on the Move, Liezl Mills from Southern Sun Hyde Park, Jodi Ann Pearton from Food Design Studio, Adrian Vaughan: The Maslow as well as Dominic Walsh from The March Hare who will be sampling, demonstrating and sharing secrets on how to create the perfect meal, leaving you with all the passion and knowledge to go home and repeat these in your own kitchen.

In the Bathroom Area, expect to encounter a massive mix of exciting options. Here the focus is on providing world-class choice, both in the products on display, the ideas around reinventing this space and the tips and advice that are on offer. Here, state-of-the-art meets artistic licence, and the only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

Visitors will have the opportunity to change their room in an instant with our Scatters area, brought to you by Elle Decor and Exquisite Cuts. Come and choose your own designs from an array of beautiful designer fabrics from leading fabric houses or order your cushions and get them delivered after the event. Exquisite Cuts will be on hand to assist with any interior decorating ideas you may need and help create a beautiful story board for each and every room in your home.

This year, in 'light' of the recent power problems being experienced by South Africans, a brand new and hugely relevant section is being launched at Grand Designs Live called "Off The Grid". The term 'Off The Grid' refers to not being connected to the main or national electrical grid. This can be achieved by using a wide variety of electricity generation options and that is why Grand Designs Live will be showcasing a diverse range of solutions that are available to assist in this endeavour. From solar panels to generators, gas suppliers to alternative energy suppliers, alternative heating and cooling options to wind power generation and solar water heating, as well as UPS' (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and batteries, Grand Designs Live will 'enlighten' you as to the best solution for your home to function in a self-sufficient manner.

Don't miss all the wonderful places to eat at the show, where you can take time out from all the shopping and re-energise. See the Interiors Restaurant brought to you by DesignMind and BuildMind and the Kitchens & Bathrooms Restaurant brought to you by Beautiful Kitchens Magazine.

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