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Everlytic talks email marketing ahead of the IMC Conference

On 25 February, Everlytic's marketing manager, Karyn Strybos, was interviewed by The Touch Down podcast about Everlytic's partnership with the 2019 IMC Conference.
During the interview, they discuss:
  • Email personalisation
  • Email reporting and analysis
  • Using email with social media
  • How IMC uses Everlytic
  • Top email marketing tips
It’s only seven minutes, but it’s the richest seven minutes of email marketing goodness you’ll listen to today. Listen now.

Listen to the podcast here [7MB]

* A version of this article was originally published on the Everlytic blog on 5 March 2019.

Everlytic's press office

Everlytic is the leading Cloud Marketing Software solution in South Africa. Every day hundreds of top South African and international companies use our software to send millions of messages to their customers and subscribers. With our bulk and transactional email and SMS engines you can manage all of your digital communications from one central hub. Whether it be newsletters and notifications, to statements and system generated messages, Everlytic is the leader in ensuring top delivery rates.