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How company culture affects productivity

In the same way they say 'you are what you eat', so you become where you work. What do I mean? Simply that company culture affects your productivity, your personality, your positivity and your pursuit of your greater goals. Contrary to where you think I might be going with this, the effect of company culture is not always an unwelcome thing - I, for one, can attest to that.
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You’ll notice I didn’t say “corporate culture.” This is because not all of us work in a strictly corporate environment – the digital movement allows us a lot of flexibility and that in itself is a culture. You’ll also notice I didn’t say “affects performance.” The fact is that performance is not always a good measure of productivity; I can reach all my targets but be inefficient.

Defining company culture

Company culture is both guided and natural. For one, it includes the company’s vision and mission, leadership roles appointed, business goals and the systems that are in place for communication. These are guided things. The natural part of company culture is influenced by the size of the company; the different characters that make up the team complement; how people dress, talk and engage with each other; and a commitment to grow together.

The impact on personality

Consider that most of us spend at least eight hours at work from Monday to Friday (that’s 33.3% of your day); it makes sense that we’re so influenced by the place we work and the people we work with. Ask yourself: how have I adapted to be more of a team player? (If you aren’t a team player, ignore the question and consider better life choices). It’s a matter of survival in the best sense – if you’re unpleasant, the overall energy is not a happy one. That’s not to say you have to have a constant plastered smile, but a certain level of amiability is certainly recommended.

Small mind, small dreams

Company culture, if it’s a positive one, should encourage you to think bigger. Our right-now world, while it assists in certain areas, can often keep us closed off and closed-minded. How? We become so absorbed in the instant, in-my-hand (but-not-really) feedback and gratification that we often, quite practically, forget to lift up our heads. Company culture should push you to dream bigger for yourself and in turn for the company – your ambition is a key driver in the evolution of the company.

If you’re happy and you know it

All this said it’s safe to state that a positive company culture leads to great productivity and each member of the team has to be committed to making this happen. How does that translate on a day-to-day basis? Easy. Go the extra mile, offer help where you can, encourage someone, (buy coffee – this goes a long way in a creative space), and be gracious when someone extends these same things to you.

Now go be productive!
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About Shae Leigh

Communications Champion/Digital Content Specialist at Red & Yellow Creative School of Business.