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Why it's time to prioritise video marketing in 2016

Millennials of today prefer convenience and getting downright straight to the point. Time is of the essence and with an attention span of about two seconds I'd say, we need to do everything in our power to keep them locked on to what we have to offer.
One minute we checking emails on mobile, next switching to Facebook on our PC, lastly switching back to mobile to check WhatsApp messages.

But the question at hand is why should we prioritise video marketing in 2016 you ask?

Why it's time to prioritise video marketing in 2016

Well let's have a look at some convincing statistics: According to a hubspot infographic:
    1. 50% of videos are viewed online from mobile devices.
    2. 65% of online viewers watch at least ¾ of a video.
    3. 78% of people watch videos online every week.
    4. 55% watch online videos every day.
    5. More than 80% senior executives watch more online videos.
    6. 75% of senior executives watch work related videos at least weekly.
    7. Using the word video in your email subject line, boosts your open rate by 19%
    8. 67% found video marketing to be more successful e.g marketers, business and sales professionals.
Now my question to you is: Would you rather read lengthy paragraphs or watch a short to the point explainer video?

I know I would opt to watch the video rather than having to spend 8-10 minutes reading! No I'm not lazy, I just don't have the time to read. Now my next question to you is; how many visitors are you losing on your homepage or product page? Think about it for a minute and ask yourself are you really capturing their attention?

I must admit that I still need to add video into my content marketing schedule, yes so I am guilty as charged. But why should I incorporate video into my marketing and how will this help increase sales?

Well if the above statistics are not convincing enough let me break it down further for you:

To answer your first question:
1. Video will captivate your viewer's full attention.
2. People are more likely to watch the entire video since they can't skim through the video.
3. A handful of business are using video to its full potential.

And to answer your last question:
Video increases your conversion rate and therefore increases your chances of making more sales.

"A picture is worth a thousand words and a moving picture is worth a million people."

According to Neil Patel, videos are highly effective due to the following reasons:
    1. You could simplify complicated topics - for example a mechanic would be limited if he/she had to write a blog on how to change brake pads and discs on car. Now imagine how easy it would be explaining this in a two-three minute video tutorial?
    2. Video is more authentic - Why, viewers are able to connect with you or your brand. Blogging limits the reader connecting with the author/writer. Honestly, how connected are you to this blog post?
    3. Demo your products - With video you are able to demo your product and show your audience what your product actually looks like and what it actually does. This builds up the trust factor with your brand and product. So this is your chance to impress.


Before creating your first video, ensure that you research your industry and check out some local or international videos in your industry for some handy tips. Remember a high quality video will convert more and by this I mean, your actual video helps your viewers with a solution to their problem, your visual and sound are of the highest quality.

So when are you creating your first video? I know mine will go live within the next month or two.

About Charl Vollmer

Charl Vollmer, founder of REDFLYSEO and dedicated digital marketing entrepreneur. Charl is passionate about helping small to medium sized business reaching their potential targeted audience online and increasing brand awareness.
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