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Step up your child's school shoe game

Choosing the right school shoes for your child can be daunting, but it's an essential decision to ensure their comfort and support throughout the school year. As children spend most of their weekdays in their shoes, it's vital to get them comfortable, hard-wearing and school-approved footwear.
Step up your child's school shoe game

Bata South Africa knows this well. The company produces over four million pairs of school shoes annually, including Toughees, South Africa's most trusted school shoe since 1954, and BFirst, an affordable range for budget-conscious buyers.

Follow these tips from Bata when choosing your child's school shoes:

Know when new is needed

A child needs new school shoes if their toes are touching the end of their shoes, the heels are worn out, there are holes in the toes, the treads are worn and slippery, or the shoes are worn on the sides.

Check the school's guidelines

Before making a purchase, check the school's guidelines, as many will specify which school shoe styles your child can and cannot wear.

Michael Sithambaram, manager of Bata’s Schools Division, says: “These guidelines will typically include sticking to smart black or brown shades. Schools may also have a policy on style, for example, no T-bars and only lace-ups, so double-check with them before you buy.”

Consider your child's needs and preferences

When school rules are not too strict, children can choose their own comfortable and appropriate shoes, and for those who love fashion, Toughees or BFirst have a range of trendy styles such as lace-ups, Mary Janes, T-Bars, or chunky soles to match different ages and personalities.

For less formal schools, black or white Toughees Sneakers that comply with uniform regulations can be a perfect transition shoe from class to PE, break and extracurricular activities.

Step up your child's school shoe game
Step up your child's school shoe game

What to look for when buying school shoes

  • When choosing shoes for children, those designed for physical activity and active lifestyles come out tops. Ensure they have an appropriate fit in terms of length and width, a sturdy heel counter, secure fastenings, and a supportive sole with a cushioned heel for shock absorption.

  • For younger children, consider shoes with Velcro fastenings or buckles, to avoid the hassle of little fingers tying shoelaces.

  • Select shoes that promote foot hygiene. Toughees school shoes have genuine leather uppers, which are durable, breathable, and have antifungal and antibacterial properties to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, reducing the risk of infections, odours, and skin conditions such as athlete’s foot.

A good school shoe is important for any school going child, as it provides comfort, support, and protection, allowing children to focus on their studies and physical activities without distractions.

By choosing Toughees or BFirst, you can rest assured that your child’s feet are well taken care of throughout the school year.

All Toughees school shoes are manufactured to the highest standards and are crafted locally at the Bata factory in Loskop, KwaZulu-Natal at the base of the Drakensberg mountains.

Toughees are available online, at, instore, or online at major retailers including Ackermans, PEP, Jet, Edgars, MrP, NuShop and Shoe City, wholesale distributors Bhana’s Wholesalers, Express Stores, Gem Schoolwear and Jumbo, as well as online at Zando, Superbalist and Takealot. Find BFirst shoes at Ackermans.

Since 1894, The Bata Group remains one of the world's leading manufacturers and retailers of quality footwear. Bata South Africa represents one of 70 countries worldwide with a Bata presence.
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