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Panda's mental health rewards programme is here

Panda has introduced a groundbreaking mental health rewards programme in South Africa, with users able to earn rewards via the mobile app for investing in their mental health.
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“When we launched Panda, we identified three barriers hindering access to mental health care in South Africa: stigma, cost, and lack of triage.

“What wasn't immediately obvious to us was the potential lack of motivation among individuals to prioritise their mental wellbeing. This rewards programme is the culmination of our team's hard work and addresses this gap. We're immensely grateful to our rewards partners for their support,” says Alon Lits, Panda Health chief executive officer.

Research indicates that reward structures can significantly boost user engagement. A Deloitte study revealed that nearly 80% of app users engage more if rewards are available.

Active participation is crucial for mental-health improvement, and Panda's programme utilises these established motivators, encouraging users to use tools in the Panda App including: audio-only group sessions, assessments, curated content, and AI coaching.

Panda has forged partnerships with prominent wellness brands in South Africa, ensuring users receive exclusive discounts and perks for their earned points. These partners, committed to the synergy between physical and mental wellness, include Lift Airlines, Uber, Garmin, Faithful to Nature, UCook, Mbiri, Kelp by Ray, Sneaker Shack, IV Bar, Lisa Raleigh, Pet Heaven, and Africology.

“Garmin is proud to collaborate with Panda to encourage individuals to prioritise their mental health. We're confident that our technology complements Panda's exemplary efforts in assisting individuals with mental health care,” remarks Jeann Steyn, marketing co-ordinator for Garmin sub-Saharan Africa.

The Panda Health app fosters resilience and early intervention. Active users have reported a 15% month-on-month improvement in their mental-health scores.

Lisa Raleigh, founder of the Lisa Raleigh Group, shares, “I'm genuinely inspired by Panda's commitment to elevating mental-health awareness and support. We advocate for a holistic approach to wellbeing, and Panda completes this vision by emphasising mental wellness.”

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