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Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky: Matured by the South African sun

South Africans are drawn to the sun. After all, it lights up our days, fires up our dreams, and imparts its warmth and energy to our world. It's no wonder our whisky makers wanted to capture it.
Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky: Matured by the South African sun

Introducing a new addition to the Three Ships Whisky range; a product of passion, innovation and tenacity, inspired by the South African sun: Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky.

At The James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington, Mzansi’s sun spreads warmth even during the winter months. So we decided to turnour unique circumstances (what most whisky makers would consider an enormous threat) into our most distinctive quality. In making Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky, “Every Drop Matured by the South African Sun” became our motto, and the sun — a key ingredient in our whisky and unique distillation process — our inspiration.

Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky is crafted from the finest South African grain and malt whiskies. Distilled in both copper pot and column stills, it is matured in a combination of older and younger ex-Bourbon American oak casks for a minimum of three years.

The warm South African climate accelerates maturation, resulting in an exceptionally smooth whisky. On the nose, you’ll find hints of inviting vanilla, dried apricots, hazelnuts and digestive biscuits, introducing soft caramel, subtle white pepper, nuts, cinnamon, banana, and marmalade on the palate. The sweet and spicy finish offers perfectly balanced flavour notes sure to please both connoisseurs and new whisky drinkers alike.

Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky is now available at leading retailers for R249.99 a bottle. With a beautiful light golden colour and an ABV of 43%, it’s best enjoyed on the rocks, witha dash of water or your favourite soda.

When you open up a bottle of Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky you’ll find ingenuity, craftsmanship and a little of the South African sun in every drop. Try something exceptional and experience the South African sun with Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky.


Three Ships Whisky supports responsible drinking. Alcohol not for persons under the age of 18 years.

Three Ships Bourbon Cask Whisky: Matured by the South African sun

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