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Mensa merges wine quaffing with digital storytelling

With South Africa being home to a host of world-class wine brands, newly released expressions can easily go unnoticed because consumers are faced with so many quality options. To pique interest and enhance the consumer experience, brands have therefore been upping the attention given to the development and design of their packaging.

Worcester-based Overhex Wines International has just launched a unique wine range, called Mensa, that uses augmented reality (AR) to bring the brand to life.

Image credit: Lauren Hartzenberg
Image credit: Lauren Hartzenberg

The label adorning the Mensa bottle is not just a pretty one; instead, when scanned using the Mensa AR app on one's smartphone, the label comes to life as a book to tell a story – sound effects included.

Ultimate book club vino

The label features ‘everywoman’ relaxing in the signature Mensa chair surrounded by books with a glass of wine and her trusty dog looking on. Running with the pay-off line 'Live a great story', the theme of storytelling resonates strongly in the Mensa range, which is understandably being positioned as the ultimate book club wine.

Mensa is a sister range to Overhex's well-known Balance and Survivor wines. The new range comprises a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc with citrus and tropical notes, a Chardonnay Pinot Noir of citrus and red berry character, and a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon teeming with dark chocolate and blackberries.

Mensa merges wine quaffing with digital storytelling

Another innovative element of the Mensa brand is the use of the Helix cork closure by Amorim, which allows one to twist open and reseal the wine by hand.

Mensa wines are available at Checkers stores countrywide. They can also be purchased directly from the Overhex Winery & Bistro outside Worcester at a cellar door price of R75 for the white wines and R85 for the red. For online purchases, visit the Mensa online shop.

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