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YFM website now iPad-friendly

Developed in Durban by digital consultancy immedia, the just launched YFM website is fully compatible with the newly launched Apple iPad and presents users with a digital ‘dashboard' that they can change at will, resulting in the real time experience how, when and where they want it.
YFM website now iPad-friendlyIts several different modes, which include Dashboard, Social, News and other ‘environments', change the look and feel as well as the content provided to users. The site also successfully melds together the different worlds of the listener with the inclusion of a variety of new media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Immedia head strategist Anice Hassim says the site represents the articulation of the theory of real time radio that immedia has long espoused. “It provides the station's management team with ‘a living dashboard' of their audience through real time web usage stats, as well as feedback from Facebook and Twitter interactions. This will allow the station to keep in touch with what its listeners want and need and will help shape on-air content and advertising accordingly.”

A digital leap in traditional radio

Hassim feels that radio stations that are embracing new media in such an effective way, are fleshing out their core radio offering by putting meat on the bones of the traditional radio skeleton and creating a vital and rich new experience for their communities.

“This effectively turns traditional ‘one-way' radio into a dialogue and allows the station to have an ongoing conversation with their audience. We're embracing radio as the centre of convergence that provides the core content while online and mobile allow consumers to dip in and cherry pick the content they seek where and when they want,” explains Hassim.

Looking at the key reasons behind the station taking this digital leap of faith, strategy and development manager Stephan Potgieter says that the station realises the importance of staying in touch with the rapidly changing profile of its listeners. “We need to keep pace with our listeners who are at the forefront of innovation by taking advantage of the new technological offerings that are out there.”

As a result, Potgieter says the new website is different from the previous offering. “We are communicating in real time with our audience, not only on-air but also through the web. It's also a huge visual improvement with greater alignment with the brand.” Go to and click live.

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