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Mettlestate revamps website with new features

Mettlestate, an esports, gaming and content specialist in South Africa, has announced the launch of its new website.

“As the largest esports and gaming specialists in the country, we need to give our users a fun and gamified experience when they come to our site,” said Mettlestate project manager, Carly Twaddle. “We have the largest player base in sub-Saharan Africa with over 180,000 active users. It’s so important to us that each and every one of them enjoys their time on our website, as that is where they spend most of their time. We’ve introduced several new features to make the user journey feel like a game, like something special.”

The new features on the site aim to appeal to the competitive nature of its users. Mettlestate has translated the experience of collecting achievements and trophies onto the new site.

Users can complete missions and these lead to earning badges and trophies. There will be special limited badges for certain events. Users can then display these badges and trophies on their profiles.

Users have more customisation options for their profiles on the site. Users have a wider range of avatar options and combinations and banners to customise their unique gaming profile on the site. Special avatars and banners will be unlocked by taking part in special events.

Mettlestate has added a feature where you can complete missions on their website
Mettlestate has added a feature where you can complete missions on their website
Additionally, player stats will reflect on user profiles. These will break down each user's performance and include stats such as total games played, wins, losses and more.

Users can now follow other players, teams or organisations and get updates. Any news or updated stats will automatically appear in the activity feed.

The match predictor is a new feature that is meant to promote more engagement. Users can vote on matches and predict the outcome, creating a sense of interaction and participation from the site itself.

Mettlestate has bolstered their on-site currency, Mettallions, with this new update. Users can earn Mettallions by spinning the daily spinner, referring friends, joining the VIP program, from social giveaways, and winning daily cups. These Mettallions can be used for discounts in the Mettlestate shop and to buy extra spins on the daily spinner.

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