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Part 2: One Dentsu - Data-driven

Posterscope combines social and online data to analyse Sandton

Posterscope is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). At DAN we start with our client’s challenge and provide a holistic solution across our business focusing on being ideas-led, tech-enabled and data-driven.

In this three-part series we will demonstrate how Posterscope is utilising these pillars across our business.

In Part 1 we focused on how Posterscope’s investment and focus in growth and development of technology has brought ECOS to life, in Part 2 we will focus on how we are using ECOS to combine data sources to analyse different locations.

One of the many benefits of our network is the ability to collaborate across agencies and have access to experts in various disciplines at our fingertips. In this article we partner with Amnet, our Programmatic Agency.

We wanted to analyse online behaviour in Sandton to identify what people are searching for online, what people are looking to purchase online, what hobbies they have and where are they posting on social media.

Amnet data

We’ve analysed online affinity, category, device and intent data for users in the Sandton area for the last 30 days. This data is derived from user behavioural triggers across the Google Ecosystem

The data showed that people living in Sandton are showing intent to purchase;

Woman’s Apparel, Used Motor Vehicles, Beauty Products and Services, Enterprise Software, and Mobile Phones.

The most popular hobbies and interests are Cooking, Music, reading the News, Business and Gaming.

Lastly, people in Sandton engage mostly with the following content categories, Celebrities & Entertainment News, Online Media (Arts & Entertainment), Computer & Electronics and Mobile & Wireless.

Social listening

Over the past few years Posterscope has invested in social listening tools, which enabled us to store, analyse and interpret anonymised data from public, geotagged accounts on both Instagram and Twitter.

Using this data we are able to identify where conversations about certain topics are happening. Posterscope’s approach to Location Intelligence is that there is no single point of truth and that, depending on the problem we are trying to solve, we need to combine various data sources in order to determine accurate outcomes.

Combining Amnet online data and Posterscope trended social data

After analysing the online behaviours data from Amnet, we identified that one of the most popular interests is Music, we then pulled all the music related Instagram & Twitter Posts from Posterscope’s Social Data Tool, XY.

We trended our data from 2016 – (October) 2019, heat mapped it on our Mapping Tool ECOS to see where post where taking place and how the conversations moved around in Sandton.

Using ECOS we have represented below how the Social conversations around the Music category have changed over time.

This shows that by combining various data sets from various media channels, we can identify people’s online behaviour, see where the key target areas are over time and plan our media campaigns for our clients accordingly.

This is a targeted, data driven approach to OOH planning where we are using our combined group data to ensure we are placing our media in the relevant areas to minimises wastage for our clients.

Part 1: One Dentsu - Tech-enabled

Posterscope is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). At DAN we start with our client's challenge and provide a holistic solution across our business focusing on being ideas-led, tech-enabled and data-driven...

Issued by Dentsu 25 Oct 2019

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