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5 things new moms never talk about

Motherhood is so much more than giving birth. It's loving and knowing a soul before you even see it. It's carrying and caring for a life entirely dependent on you for survival. It's giving air to the lungs that grew within you and sight to the eyes that will look to you for answers to life's questions.

As soon as you see that positive pregnancy test – or even way before – you start excitedly preparing for the noble phase of motherhood. "Instagram moms" make it look so easy, but you don't see the real, more common challenges that every new parent has, that no one discusses.

1. Not bonding with your baby immediately

Most people will say that once your baby arrives, you will feel an instant gush of love and emotion for the little one – but this isn't always the case. The reality is that sometimes it takes moms a little longer to bond with their new baby. Sometimes feelings of fear, inadequacy or shame can overshadow their joy, and it is okay to feel overwhelmed. It will not be that way forever.

5 things new moms never talk about

2. Loneliness and darkness can set in

Motherhood is a huge change, and the "baby blues" are widespread responses to the shift in hormones and the constant sleep deprivation in the beginning days of motherhood. Some moms could spend all day crying without finding a real reason; if this continues for longer with more intensity, it is termed postpartum depression. If left untreated it can become a severe condition.
Self-care is something that moms tend to neglect, but it is an essential aspect of motherhood. If you find yourself not wanting to get out of bed sometimes or do any basic personal hygiene, you should ask for help.

3. Not knowing who you are anymore

Your baby suddenly becomes your focus and your entire life. Your routines change, and you don't have that freedom to do or want to do things you used to. Your body is different, so you wear clothes for comfort instead of style. But it is valuable to keep something for yourself. Find a new hobby that can help bring joy into your days whenever you're feeling lost.

4. How relationships change

Every mom will experience changes in her previous friendships after having her baby. Maintaining your previous relationships after the baby is born is pretty tricky. Parenthood is time-consuming and occupies mothers physically and mentally. Our needs and wants, as mothers, change when it comes to the essential people in our lives.

The harsh truth is some of our relationships will not withstand the change to motherhood. You may slowly experience distance because some friends don't relate to, or understand, your anxiety when you think of leaving your baby with somebody else, for example.

5. Intimacy after baby

Every couple goes through this. The first time you might have intercourse after having a baby can feel like you're about to do the act for the first time. When the day finally arrives, you might not even feel ready. It is imperative to be open with your partner about all your worries and thoughts. The best thing to practice is patience, both for yourself and your partner.

Through all these changes, it's essential to lean on someone and reassure yourself that you are never alone. Embracing change can be difficult, but don't be afraid to discuss it.

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5 things new moms never talk about

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