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AMASA addresses the topic of transformation

The Advertising Media Association of South Africa (AMASA) proudly presents Mike Boon, Executive Chairman of the Vulindlela Network, a company specialising in the cultural enhancement of organisations. Mike will be presenting the topic of 'Transformation' at the August AMASA meeting, to be held at the JSE in Sandown.
At the meeting, Mike will be sharing insights on how to effectively manage diversity in the workplace. In an upfront and honest manner, he addresses the fears, debunks the myths and offers practical solutions for business and individuals.

Mike Boon believes meaningful transformation is key if we are to position South Africa as an example to the rest of the world. His work deals with cultural differences and issues of racism in South African society and business.

"Despite so much progress having been made in our industry, we still seem to see things from different perspectives," says Rob Smuts, Chairman of AMASA.

"We need to find a middle ground with renewed levels of understanding and tolerance. If transformation is to be meaningful, we need to unpack the issues. With his advice and services constantly sought by both business and government, Mike Boon has proven himself as a forward thinker and a catalyst for positive change in South Africa."

Founder of Group Africa, Mike developed a successful and productive company, based on a culture of respect between people of disparate religions, races, and genders. Group Africa gained much interest because of this unique culture - and this became the basis of Mike's work today.

"People have such different ideas on how things should work and generally struggle to understand and embrace transformation," adds Smuts. "It's becoming increasingly apparent that attitudes need to change. We need to embrace transformation in order to be successful today."

After stepping away from Group Africa, in order to share his expertise in building South Africa as a nation, Boon initiated The Vulindlela(tm) Network, of which Vulindlela(tm) Transformation Services is a part. His keen interest in South African history, culture and interactive leadership also led to the writing of The African Way, now in its third edition.

'Transformation' is presented Wednesday, 1st August 2007 at the JSE, 1 Exchange Square, Gwen Lane, Sandown at 16h00 for 16h30.

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