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The AdReaction Report 2015 - Video Creative in a Digital World

Video on digital is catching up to time spent watching TV, but low digital ad receptivity brings targeting and creative challenges...
The AdReaction Report 2015 - Video Creative in a Digital World

AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World examines video use by multiscreen users in 42 countries and explores opportunities for marketers

The AdReaction Report 2015 - Video Creative in a Digital World
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A new report from Millward Brown AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World (AdReaction Video), examines video use and creative response across screens and the impact for marketers. The study, released today, analyses multiscreen use and behavior among more than 13,500 consumers across 42 countries and also includes learning from parallel copy testing conducted across TV, online video and mobile video ads. The findings help marketers understand how, where and why people view video, when consumers are open to advertising and which creative approaches work best on each screen.

The study found that In South Africa, among multiscreen users ages 16-45, videos are viewed for more than three hours daily (215 minutes on average). While half of this video viewing (123 minutes) is on TV, one-third is now conducted via mobile devices (32 minutes smartphone, 19 minutes tablet), and the remainder (40 minutes) is viewed on laptops or PCs. While digital presents a significant advertising opportunity for marketers, receptivity to digital video ads is much lower (17 percent favourable) than for live TV ads (35 percent favourable).

"While video is now available on myriad screens, applying TV thinking to digital content and placement is simply not acceptable, and consumers expect more from online advertisers," said Duncan Southgate, Millward Brown's Global Brand Director for Digital. "By exploring behaviors and preferences related to screens and advertising, AdReaction Video provides a roadmap to help marketers build effective media plans and creative approaches that target the right people in the right context with the right content."

AdReaction Video identified a number of opportunities for marketers to drive video creative effectiveness and success:

People are receptive to targeting, but don't want to be stalked. AdReaction Video found that consumers are most receptive to video ads targeted based on their interests (41 percent receptive) or preferred brands (38 percent receptive) and least receptive to ads based on their online search history (19 percent receptive). Even though web browsing behavior may drive interest-based targeting, this implies that sensitive application of targeting is likely to work best.

Context matters. With negativity toward video ads on smartphones at 48 percent, advertisers need to earn the right for attention. Fifty percent of consumers said they were less likely to skip, and pay more attention to, video ads that offer rewards, and they were most receptive to skippable and click-to-play ad formats that provide control over what they see.

Content is still king. AdReaction Video findings indicate the need to consider digital early in the creative process, with an eye toward optimisation across screens. And while skippable formats are a creative challenge, they are worth the focus; aim for early impact.

Additional key findings from AdReaction include:
  • Consumers feel that they have more control over digital ads than TV ads, with the majority believing the laptop gives them the most control (64 percent). This explains their irritation by online ad formats which fail to respect this control.
  • Skippable pre-rolls (36 percent favourability) and skippable mobile pre-rolls (34 percent) are viewed much more favorably than mobile app pop-ups (12 percent) and non-skippable pre-rolls (14 percent). The most popular ad format is mobile app reward videos (50 percent favourable).
  • Consumers are slightly more receptive to viewing video ads while at home (28 percent) vs. while at work (23 percent).

About AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World

For AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World, Millward Brown surveyed, via smartphone or tablet, more than 13,500 16-45 year old multiscreen users across 42 countries. Multiscreen users were defined as people who own, or have access to, a TV and a smartphone and/or a tablet. We also parallel copy tested 20 TV ads across TV, digital and mobile platforms in eight countries.

AdReaction studies have been conducted since 2001, delivering insights on consumers' perceptions of advertising, particularly digital formats.

AdReaction Video addresses key questions facing marketers, including:
  • How are videos viewed by screen - and for how long?
  • What do people think of video ads by screen?
  • How can I create ads that consumers won't skip?
For more detailed findings, please contact your local Millward Brown Office or

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