HR Trends 2020

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Defining your company culture...

Wrapping your head around company culture can be tricky. Many refer to it as organisational culture. Simply put, company culture is the heart and soul of the company...

2 days ago

How people cope with 'managers from hell' - study

In the pursuit of understanding how people learn to cope in toxic work environments, Consulting Psychologist Dr Beatrix Brink conducted a study to explore subordinates' direct experiences with destructive leadership behaviour in South African organisations and how they deal with such conduct...

By Alec Basson 24 Feb 2020

#FairnessFirst: How to end office ageism with a perennial mindset

You need to upskill yourself to stay relevant in the age of experience. Here's why a 'Perennial mindset' is said to be the office sweet spot against age discrimination, which affects those at the start and end of their careers alike...

By Leigh Andrews 24 Feb 2020

Welcoming the iGeneration into the workplace

As the oldest of millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) are well into adulthood, a new generation of workers is now entering and shaping today's workforce. Born between 1995 and 2009, iGen (or Gen Z) is the first global generation of digital natives...

By Lyndy van den Barselaar 19 Feb 2020

Be P&G's CEO for a day

Online applications for the Procter & Gamble (P&G) 2020 CEO Challenge are officially open, offering students from across the globe the chance to experience what it would be like to be a key decision maker on a billion dollar brand...

19 Feb 2020

Preparing the 21-century general manager for Africa's growing hospitality industry

We chat with Jan van der Putten, vice president of Africa and Indian Ocean at Hilton Worldwide about the role of the 21st-century general manager...

By Robin Fredericks 19 Feb 2020

Flexible working in the age of longevity

We're living for longer, which is impacting how we want to work, learn and live, and employers need to adapt to these changes...

18 Feb 2020

How the AARTO Act will impact employers

South Africa experiences an alarmingly high amount of road accidents (and consequential fatalities and injuries) annually which has the effect of costing the country billions in rands every year...

By Dhevarsha Ramjettan, Kalene Watson, Shane Johnson 18 Feb 2020

Yale Women's Leadership Programme launches in Paris

HEC Paris Business School and the Yale School of Management have joined forces to bring the successful Yale Women's Leadership Programme to Europe. The programme, to take place at HEC Paris in March 2020, is set to bring together women leaders from around the continent...

14 Feb 2020

Enough of 'OK, Boomer'

Ageism is a real problem in the South African job market. Even if a job seeker has an impressive CV and experience that stretches back many years, they might not secure the position they apply for because of their age...

13 Feb 2020

New study ties board diversity with improved innovation, efficiency

A new study from the UBC Sauder School of Business has found that companies that appoint more women to their boards are able to fuel groundbreaking innovation, improve efficiency, spur growth, increase competitiveness and reduce risk...

10 Feb 2020

More companies embrace new ways of working

Companies are increasingly softening to the ideas of remote working and flexitime as the understanding of the importance of employee wellness on productivity starts gaining ground...

6 Feb 2020

3 steps to a successful graduate onboarding strategy

Many local businesses have introduced graduate programmes to promote skills development and employment among the country's youth; however, these programmes are often unsuccessful due to poor implementation and planning of onboarding strategies...

4 Feb 2020

What you should know about the proposed Employment Tax Incentive amendments

On Tuesday 26 November 2019, a number of tax-related bills were passed by the National Assembly and are currently being deliberated by the National Council of Provinces...

3 Feb 2020

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