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Why virtual safety officers are the next evolutionary step in health and safety

When it comes to health and safety laws, there is a belief that this is only applicable to high-risk industries. However, OHSA actually applies to every single business...

By Louise Woodburn 15 Apr 2021

5 traits of successful remote workers

Recruiting the right talent is arguably the most important element of a successful work-from-home (WFH) strategy for any business - even more so than providing the right tools...

14 Apr 2021

#20Lessons20Years: Lesson 14: Fear of conflict

In the early years of startups, especially for first-time entrepreneurs, there is a novelty associated with having people work for you for the first time...

By Allon Raiz 14 Apr 2021

Why companies should encourage and not victimise whistle-blowers

Companies should be actively encouraging employees to blow the whistle on corporate issues, ethics or concerning behaviour, without fear of risk or harassment, because an effective whistle-blowing programme is of immense value to the business...

13 Apr 2021

Build your bravery in 24 hours: Register now for the Brené Brown Dare to Lead training

Julia Kerr Henkel, MD of Lumminos Coaching and a certified Dare to Lead facilitator of Brené Brown's Dare to Lead work is running the next full curriculum online series next month, starting on 6 May...

Issued by Lumminos 12 Apr 2021

How can employers help employees to make ends meet?

Although the economy seems to be coming out of the doldrums, life is still tough out there and many people have lost their livelihoods, if not their lives, as a result of Covid-19...

By Bryan Habana 9 Apr 2021

Why HR is at risk from cyberattacks

Human Resources professionals are a common, high risk target for cyberattacks - simply because they are easily accessible...

9 Apr 2021

More South Africans willing to embrace remote work than global average - study

According to a new report, Decoding Global Ways of Working, one of the major legacies of the pandemic is that employees expect to be allowed to work remotely more often...

6 Apr 2021

When change is the only constant, how do you grow your employees during disruptive times?

In a disrupted workplace, we must use the knowledge gained in 2020 to inform how we keep our people aligned, engaged and empowered...

By Brian Eagar 1 Apr 2021

Microsoft's Work Trend Index report reflects on one year of remote work

The results of Microsoft's first-annual Work Trend Index, The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work - Are We Ready?, has revealed seven hybrid work trends...

29 Mar 2021

Motivating your team when the traditional reward levers aren't available

What measures and incentives can be offered when some of the traditional carrot-stick motivators aren't available? Asks Lumminos MD Julia Kerr Henkel...

By Julia Kerr Henkel, Issued by Lumminos 25 Mar 2021

Gender classification: Workplace adaptation without discrimination

Gender classification in the workplace has evolved beyond traditional concepts of male and female employees...

18 Mar 2021

10 tips for coping with stress and anxiety as a business owner

Retail Capital's chief brand officer, Erin Louw outlines 10 simple strategies that you can use to ease the burden of anxiety on yourself, your family and your team...

By Erin Louw 18 Mar 2021

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