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  • How Cape Town made Bruce Lee's dream come true with Warrior
    Cape Town doubles for a lawless 1870s San Francisco in the kick-ass martial arts action series Warrior, which now has two seasons available to binge on Showmax. Issued by Showmax
  • Online retail in SA soars to R30bn, comprising 2.8% of total retail
    A new report reveals that total growth for online retail in South Africa rose to 66% in 2020, exceeding the 25% growth predicted three years ago, and bringing the total of online retail in South Africa to R30,2bn.
  • The evolution of Gagasi FM and Heart FM
    And you thought 2020 was one heck of a year! 2021 brings winds of change as Gagasi FM and Heart FM will be launching their own media solutions company under holding company MRC Media effective from 1 July 2021. The stations will utilise Mediamark as its sales house until 30 June 2021. Issued by Mediamark
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How to create a more gender-friendly workplace

Most South African organisations want to do the right thing when it comes to gender sensitivity in the workplace. However, because it is an area that they might not have an understanding of, it becomes easy to make mistakes...

3 days ago

5 (wellness-friendly) habits of a successful change facilitator

Francois Kriel, director at Kriel & Co, outlines five character traits as essential building blocks when facilitating change....

By Francois Kriel, Issued by Kriel & Co 10 May 2021

Why do we procrastinate?

The tendency to procrastinate is a problem for many people. The solution to overcome procrastination can be simple and with practice, the method can become second nature...

By Julia Kerr Henkel, Issued by Lumminos 5 May 2021

How to ensure PoPIA compliance among BYOD remote workforces

With PoPIA soon coming into effect, are employees who use their personal devices for work purposes - and their employers - violating its rules? Potentially yes...

By Sián Fields 4 May 2021

To build or to buy: How savvy employers grow talent

Talent management must find the right balance between buying skills and building talent to ensure maximum business value, Sagea's Cathy Sims shares her views...

Issued by Sagea 4 May 2021

The importance of EQ and SQ in the workplace

Firstly, what is EQ and what is SQ...?

By Julia Kerr Henkel 3 May 2021

Mandatory new job spec: PoPIA requires appointment of Information Officer

The digital representation of data or personal information, has brought many challenges to protecting privacy rights and thereby protecting individuals...

By Ahmore Burger-Smidt and Dimakatso Khumalo 29 Apr 2021

Salesforce's Robin Fisher on delivering success from anywhere

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to temporarily go virtual and employees to work remotely. However, several tech giants have announced permanent remote work options for all their employees...

By Johannes Masiteng 26 Apr 2021

Finding unicorns in pools of talent

New intuitive, simple-to-use and affordable tool promises to help recruiters find more high-quality candidates than ever before...

Issued by Digital Kungfu 26 Apr 2021

How organisations can stay future fit

Even before Covid-19, businesses faced increasing pressure to focus on transformation, but after the disruptions of the last year, the pandemic has presented organisations with new challenges to adapt to...

26 Apr 2021

4 ways organisations can help employees fight burnout

Lyndy van den Barselaar offers four ways that organisations can mitigate employee burnout and foster resiliency in the workplace...

By Lyndy van den Barselaar 21 Apr 2021

Why virtual safety officers are the next evolutionary step in health and safety

When it comes to health and safety laws, there is a belief that this is only applicable to high-risk industries. However, OHSA actually applies to every single business...

By Louise Woodburn 15 Apr 2021

5 traits of successful remote workers

Recruiting the right talent is arguably the most important element of a successful work-from-home (WFH) strategy for any business - even more so than providing the right tools...

14 Apr 2021

#20Lessons20Years: Lesson 14: Fear of conflict

In the early years of startups, especially for first-time entrepreneurs, there is a novelty associated with having people work for you for the first time...

By Allon Raiz 14 Apr 2021

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