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7 tips to improving your team's time management

As a business owner, do you know how well your staff members use their time to benefit the business? Do you really know whether they, and you, are getting the full value?

By Futhi Cabe 6 Aug 2020

5 questions to gauge level of governance and ensure business survival

Brian Mhlanga poses five vital questions that board members and the executive team need to ask themselves to ensure that the organisation gets the best possible chance at survival...

By Brian Mhlanga 31 Jul 2020

Agency anxiety - managing uncertainty, protocols and business strategy

Johanna McDowell CEO of IAS, and Brehndan Botha, certified Action Coach business coach, share some thoughts around the importance of recreating certainty in the workplace in ways that are in your control...

By Johanna McDowell & Brehndan Botha 31 Jul 2020

Effective communication paramount in the new normal

Brian Eagar, CEO of Towerstone Leadership Centre, shares insight on the key steps to build stronger workplace relationships through effective communication...

By Brian Eagar 31 Jul 2020

SME Recruitment: A guide to employment contracts

The employment contract is a critical document that regulates the terms and conditions of employment between the employer and the employee...

By Siobhan Zurnamer 27 Jul 2020

Top 10 ways to navigate the new normal

Never before have companies, individuals, organisations, societies and other entities and their staff been compelled to adapt to such massive change in such a short space of time due to the exigencies of the Covid-19 pandemic. Here's how you can navigate this situation when working from a home environment...

23 Jul 2020

SafetyWallet for employers - Easy commitment and implementation of health and safety programmes

Through the years, as industries have grown, developed, and expanded, the health and safety of employees has become more imperative than ever...

Issued by SA Shares 23 Jul 2020

Heineken SA extends Covid-19 care to its employees' families

As the Covid-19 infections peak in the country, Heineken South Africa is extending Covid-19-related support to the families of more than 950 staff members...

Issued by Heineken South Africa 22 Jul 2020

Amazon's Paul Misener on the link between innovation and diversity

Amazon veteran Paul Misener shared insight into how the e-commerce giant approaches innovation and the profound role a diverse workforce plays in this process...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 21 Jul 2020

Changing workspaces

Saica asked two forward-thinking accountants, Peter Magner and Willem Haarhoff, about the workspace changes that have been spurred on by remote offices...

Issued by SAICA 20 Jul 2020

Virus proof your small business

Business coach and author Douglas Kruger provides practical ways your business can survive - and even thrive - during this time of uncertainty...

Issued by SAICA 20 Jul 2020

Preparing for a post-Covid workplace

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a number of disruptions that have consequently led to increased levels of anxiety across several industries. Entrepreneurs have had to make extremely difficult decisions that affect the functionality of their businesses...

By Bruno Mundela 17 Jul 2020

Hybrid working to define The Office 2.0

A recent Henderson Institute paper, The Science of Organisational Change, argues that the most successful organisations in the 2020s will be those who "constantly learn and adapt to changing realities..."

By Francois Kriel, Issued by Kriel & Co 17 Jul 2020

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