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Holistic schools development mitigates Covid-19 impacts

The Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact in 2020 on South Africa's schooling system...

By Steven Lebere, Issued by Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation 2 days ago

How online study can be a solution for you

Online learning offers a number of advantages - none bigger than the fact that training can take place anywhere and anytime. These advantages include...

Issued by Wits Plus 14 Apr 2021

Practical tips on how to prepare for your job search

Lillian Bususu, the graduate placement manager at IIE Rosebank College, offers useful tips on everything job seekers need to know and do when starting their job search...

Issued by Rosebank College 14 Apr 2021

NSFAS funded students urged to order laptops online

All NSFAS-funded students registered at a public university and Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges are being reminded to order laptops online...

14 Apr 2021

Government and institutions must collaborate for effective delivery of education

The Covid-19 pandemic has paved the way for a hybrid model in education - but governments need to act so that progress from the past year is not lost...

13 Apr 2021

Free inaugural T4 Education Teacher Tech Summit - all educators welcome

The inaugural T4 Education Teacher Tech Summit will recognise the leading role teachers have played in developing digital and educational solutions during the pandemic...

12 Apr 2021

NWU fights GBV

During the first three weeks of lockdown last year, gender-based violence (GBV) victims were trapped with their abusers, with no place to hide...

Issued by North-West University (NWU) 8 Apr 2021

Plans for the NWU Medical School on track

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the enormous stress and burden placed on South Africa's medical professionals have dramatically strengthened the North-West University's case for a medical school in North West...

Issued by North-West University (NWU) 8 Apr 2021

South Africa's higher education funding system can be more realistic without betraying ideals

Ongoing student protests in South Africa have once again highlighted various problems with higher education funding. They boil down to challenges of affordability and sustainability...

By Gerald Wangenge-Ouma 7 Apr 2021

Prof. Petra Engelbrecht - a legend in South African science

Prof. Petra Engelbrecht from the Faculty of Education at the North-West University (NWU), is one of 62 researchers profiled in Legends of South African Science II...

Issued by North-West University (NWU) 1 Apr 2021

First-year success during a pandemic

We cannot change the current situation, but we can make your first year of tertiary education manageable with a few hacks to help you get through it with ease...

Issued by Rosebank College 31 Mar 2021

The right to education: An insider's perspective over the past 25 years

The last year has made the rights enshrined in South Africa's Bill of Rights more relevant than ever before. Prior to Covid-19, many of us simply took the right to freedom of movement for granted, as well as the right to freedom of trade, to healthcare and to education...

By Jackie Carroll, Issued by Optimi 31 Mar 2021

A story of hope

Since the inception of the Hillensberg Trust, students at the NWU have received bursaries to the value of over R5m...

Issued by North-West University (NWU) 30 Mar 2021

Teaching English abroad for South Africans in 2021: Is this still possible?

As Covid-19 continues to send parts of the world into various states of lockdown, many prospective EFL (English as a foreign language) teachers eager to teach abroad seem to be asking themselves the same question: "Is teaching English abroad still possible in 2021?"...

Issued by Wits Plus 30 Mar 2021

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