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Red & Yellow launches free-to-access online course in AI for South African teachers

The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business (Red & Yellow) has launched a new online short course on understanding and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) that is free to all educators across South Africa. The course forms part of their commitment to democratising access to skills like AI and showcasing the benefit of public/ private collaborations in the education sector.
Red & Yellow launches free-to-access online course in AI for South African teachers

The “AI for Educators” online short course has been carefully and intentionally developed to make sure all high school teachers are equipped with an understanding of – and ability to tap into – artificial intelligence and to better understand its use case for their learners. These key learnings will change how they teach learners to adopt these new technologies, reshaping teaching practices for a more agile and future-ready next generation of young minds.

“We believe that AI is a positive technological advancement that we can all incorporate into our industries as a complementary tool. When properly understood and leveraged, it will empower teachers and educators to elevate their skills and teaching practices to embrace the future of education and make a positive impact on the quality of their learners’ outcomes,” says Verusha Maharaj, Red & Yellow Managing Director.

The online course, available to any educator that enrols via the website, provides access to future-fit upskilling for free through five short modules that will ensure exposure to the real-world shifts in technology that can benefit their teaching and their lives.

“AI, chatbots and ChatGPT can provide much-needed relief for teachers and educators, providing a reprieve from burnout and helping them ease their workload. These technologies assist in streamlining content, handling administrative tasks, reporting, research, data collection, and providing a support system,” says Maharaj.

The course includes: understanding how to define AI and its types, and emphasising its role in education; exploring and using real-world AI applications in education with assessments of benefits and challenges; analysing ethical considerations of adopting and integrating AI into education; and navigating ChatGPT and its capabilities and prompt engineering techniques.

The launch of the programme continues Red & Yellow’s commitment to continue to heavily invest in ensuring new skills are available to some of the institution’s most important stakeholders – high school educators across South Africa.

“We’re embracing AI at a time when so many in the creative industry are pushing against it, and see it as a positive force, not a detractor. Teachers are the gateway to raising a generation of young minds that understand and can successfully utilise and leverage the constantly evolving world of artificial AI and this is sure to bolster the creative offering of many for years to come,” concludes Maharaj.

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