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Construction & Engineering News South Africa

Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure sets vision for SA

Dean Macpherson, the newly appointed Minister for Public Works and Infrastructure, has formally introduced himself to the department in a recent message to his team. Apologising for the delay due to a busy first week, Macpherson expressed his excitement about leading the department and his vision to transform South Africa into a "massive construction site".
New minister of Public Works and Infrastructure Dean Macpherson has had a busy first week.
New minister of Public Works and Infrastructure Dean Macpherson has had a busy first week.

Macpherson recently met with the executive team in Pretoria, where he was impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment to the new vision.

He emphasised his leadership style, promising to work alongside his team.

"I will never ask you to do something I am not prepared to do myself," he stated, committing to walk this journey with his colleagues.

He also added that he "wants the department to be something that South Africans are proud of. A department that is transparent, trusted and delivers".

The new minister can lean on his predecessor Sihle Zikalala who is serving as deputy minister and has already been a key part of establishing the country's construction book.

To achieve this, Macpherson plans to lead the executive team in monthly visits to various project sites, ensuring government projects provide value for money and directly hearing from the communities served.

Looking ahead, Macpherson outlined the department's primary goal over the next five years: to drive economic growth by delivering jobs and leveraging public assets for the common good.

His commitment extends beyond departmental goals to include the personal goals of each team member, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at collective success.

Macpherson's message concluded with an invitation to his team to join him on site visits, reinforcing his hands-on approach and dedication to transparent and effective governance.

He looks forward to meeting more team members in the coming weeks as they work together to build a better South Africa.

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