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Stay on trend with every email you send

Mastering 2024's top marketing trends with better business email signatures!
Stay on trend with every email you send

How can you meet 2024’s key marketing trends simply by using your busiest business communication channel – your everyday employee email?

As the CEO of an email signature management and marketing software company, it’s my job to make sure that our customers are on-trend with every email they send, maximising impact and engagement in an ever-changing marketing environment.

In this article, I'll guide you through 2024’s top marketing trends and how to meet them through effective email signature management.

Personalisation (and hyper-personalisation)

AI and machine learning are driving hyper-personalisation in marketing, and customers increasingly expect to receive personalised, relevant promotional messages.

Rocketseed’s email signature marketing solution delivers ‘one-to-one email marketing at scale’ through every email your staff send.

  • Engage individual customers, prospects and partners with targeted – even personalised – email banners on everyday business email, engaging them on a personal level. The result? A 99% open rate and engagement rates up to 70% higher than mass email campaigns.

    Data protection, privacy, and compliance

    Want total customer trust in 2024? Then it’s essential that you have robust data privacy and protection policies and practices in place and ensure that your business email signature software provider does too! Your customers are also increasingly aware of their legal data protection rights.

  • It’s time to scrutinise your email signature software to check compliance with critical data security standards. It’s why Rocketseed prioritises compliance with standards such as ISO27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PIPEDA, and POPIA to give our worldwide customers peace of mind.

    Short-form video marketing in email banners:

    Do your customer communications cut to the chase? In 2024, short-form video platforms (TikTok, YouTube Shorts, etc.) are more popular than ever so it makes sense to use your busiest business communications channel – everyday employee email – to promote your company’s short-form video marketing content.

  • Use eye-catching email banners to drive recipients to your most recent and relevant short-form videos – from tips and tutorials to compact client case studies and testimonials – capturing their attention without challenging their attention span!

    Sustainability and social responsibility

    In 2024 show how authentic your brand is in meeting the concerns and expectations of socially and environmentally conscious customers and make it easy for them to engage, for example:

  • Add a clear ‘green’ symbol or tagline to your employee email signatures linked directly to your company’s sustainability page or certification to boost your business’s eco-credibility.
  • Show your business’s DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusivity) commitment by including employees’ preferred pronouns and name pronunciation and LGBTQ+ support icons in your company email signatures.

    Always on trend

    Some marketing essentials are always on-trend:

    • Brand consistency is always the key to customer trust. That’s why you need to be in central control of all your employees’ email signatures to ensure consistent email branding company-wide.
    • Saving time and money are never out of fashion! Not only are email signature marketing campaigns highly cost-effective (and can amplify your other digital marketing channels), but also centralised email signature management can save your IT team hundreds of hours.
    • Personal Service. From IT support to a dedicated account manager who is always on hand with best practice email signature guidance, stand-out service is always valued. That’s why you can always talk to a real person at Rocketseed!

    Stay on trend with every email you send

    Read the full blog on how to Meet 2024’s Biggest Marketing Trends with Better Business Email Signature Management to enhance your marketing strategy this year. Explore how Rocketseed's email signature marketing can be a crucial component for brand success and business growth.

    Ready to elevate your business's marketing engagement through email signatures? Contact Rocketseed today.

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