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#BehindtheCampaign: Auto & General's Suddenly campaign takes national DOOH by storm

The latest opportunity in pDOOH, and a first for Auto & General Insurance, is the brand's national takeover that involved screening the same advert across 335 sites nationally at the same time across the country.
#BehindtheCampaign: Auto & General's Suddenly campaign takes national DOOH by storm
According to research by Kantar Media Reactions, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, including enhanced Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) advertising, has shown significant impact on brand recall, ranging from 46% to 84%.

This emphasises why brands are progressively acknowledging the value of investing in focused campaigns, and why over 40% of global advertising expenditure is being placed here.

“Similar to a home page takeover on a publisher’s website, where a brand’s advertisements dominate the advert space on the site, a pDOOH national takeover uses a specific area and timeslot to screen adverts,” says Jonathan Abrams, managing partner of Robust Marketing.

“This particular campaign ran over three days at the beginning of March, with the advert screening on 335 DOOH sites simultaneously during peak morning, lunch and late afternoon traffic.”

The campaign yielded almost half a million impressions collectively and included nearly 60,000 screen plays, offering a meaningful return on investment and ensuring many eyes on Auto & General’s new look.

The distinctive feature of pDOOH, as opposed to traditional DOOH, lies in its emphasis on audience-centric purchases. This approach harnesses diverse data touchpoints to target specific audience segments while they are on the move.

“What's truly captivating in the national takeover is the synchronised airing of a single clip across multiple locations,” Abrams elaborates. “This innovative approach ensures widespread exposure to the advertisement, adaptable to any day, whether it's a one-time event, a recurring monthly occurrence, or tailored to a particular region or city. Auto & General's advert was broadcast across national hotspots thrice daily, amplifying its reach significantly.”

pDOOH offers flexibility and visibility at scale. “The potential applications for a national takeover are boundless for any brand,” Abrams concludes.

Client: Auto & General

Johanni - head of marketing 

Grant - head of brand creative 

Ingrid - marketing manager 

Kwanga - marketing assistant 

Agency: Halo

Dean – managing partner

Coenie – executive creative director

Kelly – creative director

Jacqui – account director

Leigh – producer


Production House: Mercy

Executive Producer: Karen Kloppers

Post Production: Offline Edit: Beth Roberts TenThree

Grade: Reg Voges Post CT

Online: Chad Naidoo Hashtag Post

Music: Marc Algranti

Singer: Bongeziwe Mabandla

Audio: Audio Militia


Media Agency: Robust Marketing

Jared – CEO

Jonathan – managing partner

Taryn – head of strategy

Paul – strategic lead

Christian – account director

Hanlie – head of planning

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