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The Target Group Index (TGI) data set - Empowering students and business leaders of tomorrow alongside the University of Pretoria

The TGI (Target Group Index) survey, of which Ask Afrika owns the South African rights, is the global standard for integrated and rich consumer profiling. TGI is used by the majority of top 50 advertisers in South Africa, as well as by diverse media owners and agencies. TGI complements local and global currencies and offers the most comprehensive insights into consumer demographics, behaviour, product and brand usage with rich attitudinal statements. TGI empowers strategic solutions that can help to improve a brand's competitive positioning. It empowers unique selling propositions through rich consumer profiles.

There is a need in the corporate environment for practical training and in 2019, TGI took hands with like-minded tertiary institutions to train in excess of 300 students on the implementation of TGI in the world of marketing. One success story was the collaboration with the IIE Vega campuses where Honours graduates from the strategic brand communication and strategic brand management fields, together with undergraduates in brand, creative and digital marketing programmes, were trained to not only use the Choices platform but also design relevant outputs for clients during their Brand Challenge Week. From an academic and corporate perspective, it is important to empower young millennials and Generation Zs with the right information, research skillsets and databases to enable them to make informed decisions for the brands they will represent in the corporate world. “This invaluable collaboration enabled our students to engage with ‘real world’ technology and information to develop brand-building strategies and campaigns based on informed insights and messaging. The bridge between theoretical constructs and practical application is one that Vega crosses at every opportunity to ensure that our students have a realistic and holistic perspective of brand-business practice.” (Michele O’Hara: National Brand Challenge Navigator 2019).

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In 2020, Ask Afrika is rolling out this initiative to more tertiary institutions. In partnership with the University of Pretoria’s Department of Marketing Management and Enterprises University of Pretoria, a new course on 'Utilising the Target Group Index for Practical Market(ing) Insights' is available. This two-day short course aims to equip marketers, data scientists, engineers, analysts and business consultants with the theoretical background in marketing followed by the practical skillset to utilise TGI’s database. Delegates are sure to refresh, rethink and reshape their current and future use of data to drive market(ing) decisions. This hands-on course could be the key to unlock deeper insights from existing data, directly impacting the triple bottom line. “Learning how to link market(ing) strategies with the available data in the TGI Choices database will ensure that delegates don't fall prey to motivating decisions but instead utilise the database to its full potential resulting in impactful strategies.” (Dr Liezl-Marié van der Westhuizen: Senior lecturer, Department of Marketing Management, University of Pretoria).

Three training dates are available:
  • 24-25 March 2020
  • 23-24 June 2020
  • 28-29 September 2020

Course fees per delegate are R5,500 (excl. VAT) and 60% of the amounts spent with Enterprises University of Pretoria as B-BBEE spend can be claimed back.

Following the recent success of winning the Jenny Davis Award at the TGI Global Conference, Ask Afrika is committed to constantly driving innovation, empowering the business leaders of tomorrow with relevant consumer information enabling confidence when making strategic business decisions.

For more information:

The Target Group Index (TGI), for which Ask Afrika owns the South African rights, is a large-scale single source probability survey that provides annual data on South African consumers aged 15+ and living in communities greater than 8,000 with global geographic coverage of 70 markets. It measures products, brands and media habits and is already used by the majority of the Top 50 advertisers and media owners in South Africa.

Enterprises University of Pretoria has been providing quality training programmes and short courses that address unique training and professional development goals while offering all-inclusive, customised in-house training.

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