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Apply for Gibela bursary for engineering

Train-maker, Gibela is offering 210 bursaries to eligible candidates this year, for post-matric study in an array of engineering-related fields.
Apply for Gibela bursary for engineering

Engineering-related skills are in short supply in South Africa, and the Covid-19 pandemic has further underlined the country’s desperate need for the kind of skills required to make meaningful headway in the 21st-century job market – literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, communication, self-management and the ability to learn continuously.

“Gibela is doing its part to ensure South Africa meets its aim, set out in the National Development Plan, of reducing and even eliminating inequality and poverty. We believe there is no better way to do this than through education and skills training,” says Gibela’s corporate services executive, Dr Buyiswa Mncono-Liwani.

Gibela is this year offering 150 bursaries for study at technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges, and 60 for study at universities and universities of technology.

Each bursary is for the 2021 academic year and is renewable based on the recipient’s academic performance. Each covers full tuition and a book allowance.

Apply for Gibela bursary for engineering

TVET bursary criteria

To qualify for the TVET bursaries, candidates must be South African citizens who have a bar-coded identity document, and be enrolled or intent on enrolling at a TVET college to study in these fields: boiler-making, electrics, mechanics, fitting and turning, milling, welding, pattern making, vehicle building, plumbing, or control and instrumentation. Current national level three and four (N3 and N4) students are encouraged to apply.

For entry-level students, these fields of study at a TVET college require matriculation with Maths, Science and English at level four (50-59%).

University bursary criteria

The bursaries for study at a university or university of technology are also available for one year, renewable annually depending on academic performance. The fields of study covered are electrical, electronic, mechanical, metallurgical and industrial engineering; computer science and information technology; accounting; and supply chain and logistics management.

For entry-level students, matric with Maths and Physical Science at level 6 (70-79%), Accounting at level 6, if required by the chosen course, and English at level 5 (60-69%) is a prerequisite.

To apply for either set of bursaries, send a short curriculum vitae, a certified copy of your matric results and a certified copy of your bar-coded identity document to az.oc.liarytinummoc@seirasrubalebig by 26 February 2021 or click here for more information.

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