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Entrepreneur Naledi Gallant is crafting HR's future with tech ingenuity

Transformational journeys often lead to unexpected destinations. This rings true for Naledi Gallant, founder of Dalitso Consulting. With a background in accounting and auditing, her initial career path took an unexpected turn when she found herself in the recruitment space. Today, she shares her story of growth, evolution, and the pivotal role that the Innovator Trust has had in helping her identify technology and human synergy's crucial role in her business journey.
Entrepreneur Naledi Gallant is crafting HR's future with tech ingenuity

Tech-driven business evolution

Seventeen years ago, Gallant’s vision centered on becoming a chartered accountant. A brief stint in the equity industry led to a fortuitous encounter with a recruiter who saw potential in her skills beyond finance. Despite her doubts about HR, she ventured into matching talent for the financial services sector.

Entrepreneur Naledi Gallant is crafting HR's future with tech ingenuity

Working closely with her recruiter mentor for two years, Gallant noticed a significant gap in the market for highly skilled, black-female, chartered accountants, and senior professionals in the financial space. Driven by her passion for connecting people and identifying synergies, she embarked on a journey that would transform the HR landscape in South Africa. From the days of fax machines and physical desktops, the company embraced the digital era and became constantly connected in a 24/7 global marketplace. Technology spearheaded the company's growth, allowing it to expand nationally and eventually beyond African borders.

Gallant reflects on the impact of technology, stating: "Technology has revolutionised how we connect with clients and candidates. It has enabled us to provide numerous opportunities to the financial services sector."

These tools have played a vital role in refining the company's service offerings and engaging with the target audience more personally. "Our use of AI and tech systems helps us tailor our services and engage effectively with our clients and candidates," she notes. Gallant also emphasises that we live in an augmented workforce where technology and humans collaborate more and more seamlessly.

"Undoubtedly, tech plays a significant role in the HR sector. We're utilising various aspects of AI and internal tech systems that help us refine our service offering and engage with our target audience in a more tailored manner. These tools have been instrumental in increasing our competitiveness and efficiency. In the future, we aim to integrate AI more deeply into all facets of HR. By harmonising tech and the human touch, we can create a more efficient and empathetic work environment," Gallant explains."

Addressing skills shortages and empowering SMMEs

As a company committed to empowering others, Dalitso Consulting is crucial in addressing the skills shortage in South Africa. By providing practical, hands-on skills training, the company prepares graduates for the rapidly evolving job and technology market and fosters a pool of skilled professionals for SMMEs.

Gallant emphasises: "Skills training is vital in Africa's competitiveness. Empowering SMMEs with skilled employees stimulates economic growth, reduces poverty, and elevates education standards. This is our opportunity to gain massive ground as a continent."

Growth, empowerment, and a global vision

With recent registration in the UAE and plans to establish a presence in all African countries, her dream of becoming a global entity is well underway. The company's mission is to formalise and support SMMEs across Africa, making a tangible difference in people's lives. According to Gallant, the Innovator Trust has enabled that substantial difference: "Being part of their Supplier Development Programme through Vodacom, I've received incredible support that helped me identify and implement the technology and service refinement we needed.”

By adopting cutting-edge tech solutions, her company became more competitive and efficient. Enabled by Vodacom, the Innovator Trust's partnership empowered her and her team to leverage technology effectively, ultimately propelling their business to new heights in international markets and fulfilling her vision of becoming a leading HR company on a global scale.

Changing SMMEs through tech and human connections: The power of equality

"Our growth is driven by our commitment to adding value and supporting SMMEs beyond HR services. We focus on creating attractive work environments that care for employees' well-being and work-life balance, which sets us apart. We don't merely find the ideal candidates; we ensure that organisations become the most attractive environments that candidates want to be part of,” shares Gallant. While tech brings undeniable advantages, she acknowledges the need for humanising tech. "Tech and human interactions can work hand in hand to build workplaces where everyone feels valued and supported," says Gallant.

Gallant's odyssey from accounting to HR innovation, fuelled by technology's dynamic embrace, is an inspiring testament to the boundless synergy of human vision and digital evolution.

Visit the Dalitso Consulting company website for more information on the products and services available:

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Entrepreneur Naledi Gallant is crafting HR's future with tech ingenuity

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