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Spring day celebrates the arrival of Small Business Friday

The 12th #AbsaSmallBizFriday has arrived. This Friday, 1 September, is South Africa's biggest small business day of the year. This powerful and meaningful movement is about mobilising all South Africans to support and buy from their local small businesses.
Spring day celebrates the arrival of Small Business Friday

South Africa’s biggest and most meaningful movement was created 12 years ago in response to small business owners’ most pressing need: getting more customers. The day is now a national tradition. A vast majority of consumers agree that shopping at small, independently owned businesses supports their commitment to making purchases that have a positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

“This is a fantastic initiative and it’s wonderful to see the enthusiasm and dedication behind #AbsaSmallBizFriday and its mission to support and celebrate local small businesses in South Africa,” says Mike Anderson, NSBC founder and CEO. Small businesses are the backbone of many economies and supporting them can have a significant positive impact on local communities and the overall economy.

#AbsaSmallBizFriday is a dedicated effort to encourage people to shop locally and help these small businesses thrive.

The movement is led by the NSBC and sponsored by Absa; demonstrating a collaborative effort to boost small businesses across the country. “#AbsaSmallBizFriday is when we salute and celebrate the mainstay of our economy and the engine of our society, placing extra emphasis on mobilising the nation to go big by supporting the small,” says Anderson.

There is nothing small about the impact small businesses have on our economy. South Africa has hundreds of thousands of small businesses – so many that they contribute over 40% of our country’s gross domestic product and employ two-thirds of all South African workers. This means that the more support they receive, the more people they can employ, and the more successful our country becomes.

Anderson says that the NSBC and Absa anticipates enormous, nationwide support again this year. It’s a 365-day drive that elevates every Friday and peaks on #AbsaSmallBiz Friday – the biggest small business day of the year. It is always the first Friday of Spring every year and marks the pinnacle of the initiative.

This timing aligns with the new energy and optimism that Spring brings. Spring brings new energy and a feel-good time of the year, so it was decided that the frenzy would peak, and the national celebration event would always be on the 1st Friday of Spring every year. The very first Small Business Friday was on 7 September 2012.

If more can support local small businesses, these small businesses will be able to build their infrastructure and employ more from the local communities, therefore alleviating unemployment and driving job creation. This is meaningful nation building.

#AbsaSmallBizFriday continues to put small businesses across South Africa firmly in the spotlight, by encouraging consumers, business, and Government to support, visit and spend at a small business all year round, especially on Fridays, and particularly on #AbsaSmallBizFriday.

With more support, small businesses have the potential to breathe new life into the South African economy and play an even bigger role in economic growth and job creation. Small businesses represent countless hours of hard work, commitment, resilience, and thousands of jobs. When South Africans support the small, they make a big impact. Providing as much support to small businesses as possible is an investment in our communities and South Africa’s collective economic future.

What else can you do now to support this all-important movement?

Join us for the official #AbsaSmallBizFriday National Celebration

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners are invited to join the Official #AbsaSmallBizFriday National Celebration hosted by Absa and NSBC Africa on 1 September 2023 at 9.30am. This live virtual event honours the impact of small businesses and dives deeper into this nation-building initiative. Be inspired and learn from like-minded business professionals and be part of the national movement mobilising South Africa to support small businesses. Register here.

Become an active participant in this nation-building movement

    1. Think differently. Build the habit of supporting small businesses.
    2. Act today by changing where you make your purchases.
    3. Spread the word amongst friends, family, and colleagues.

To stay connected and engaged with the movement, individuals can follow on the official website and social media platforms. To show your support, join in on the fun and excitement and stay up to date with all the #AbsaSmallBizFriday happenings you can:

Choose small business. Support the innovators, the job creators, the ones who dare to dream, the hard workers, the big thinkers who aren’t afraid of humble beginnings, the nation builders because your choice matters.

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