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Xamarin partnership reduces costs for African apps

A partnership between Full Stack, a Cape Town-based software startup company and Xamarin, a cross-platform mobile enterprise software development company, will reduce costs for companies wishing to develop native mobile apps across the African continent.
Xamarin partnership reduces costs for African apps
As the Xamarin platform allows apps to run natively on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices, there is no longer a need to develop a separate app for each device; now, one mobile solution can be developed which will work across all devices. It is the technology behind globally successful mobile apps such as Rdio, Wordament and Flipboard.

Andrew La Grange, Co-founder of Full Stack, says, "We chose to work with Xamarin as it's the only platform that lets you develop one mobile solution and apply it to all handsets. This means we save time and money because we only need to build the solution once."

"For us, partnership is a large part of our DNA. We have had a robust partnership with KINGLY, our app design and UX partners, with whom we share all our mobile work, from day one; and we work with specialist product owners such as SpeakMobile to ensure that our clients have their needs addressed holistically from a strategic perspective. We now join with Xamarin, already a great partner, to rapidly deliver high quality, cost effective, native mobile apps across Africa," concludes La Grange.

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