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#PrismAwards2020: Meet young voice Candice Marescia

In the run-up to the 23rd Prism Awards to be announced virtually on Friday, 15 May, we chatted to this year's cohort of 'young voices' about their fresh approach to the judging process.
In this series of interviews, we find out what they've learnt working alongside the cluster judges (albeit remotely) and what their young minds bring to the virtual table.

2020 Prism Young Voices announced!

Prism Young Voices gives 10 young people an opportunity to be mentored by South Africa's top public relations and communications professionals during the 2020 Prism Awards, in an effort to inspire and upskill them...

Issued by PRISA 13 Feb 2020

“Being a Prisms Young Voice for the first time was a bit of a thump to the heart, but we cannot ignore the impact and seriousness of Covid-19. We all must do our part. Covid-19 has already impacted so much more than just our industry, but we are being forced to be innovative as an industry and in our everyday lives, we will get to be a part of a new wave of thinking.” – Candice Marescia, senior account manager at Vuma Reputation Management, commenting on the cancellation of the physical Awards and the general impact of the pandemic on the industry.

Candice Marescia

Here, our interview with Marescia...

BizcommunityWhat does this recognition and opportunity mean to you?

Being selected as a young judge is an opportunity to engage with like-minded peers and seniors in the industry to broaden my knowledge and thinking. This also means I have an opportunity to have my voice heard at the table and for it to actually be considered.

BizcommunityBriefly tell us about your experience in the industry.

I’ve been in public relations for just over eight years, and had been lucky to be exposed to the digital, traditional, marketing and reputation side of the industry. It has been amazing seeing the industry become fully integrated, although we're still a far way from brands and corporates realising the importance of the industry in the every-day function of their business.

I have been privileged enough to be mentored and trained by some of the great minds in the industry, however, transformation was something that was often a conversation that couldn’t be had out loud or meant younger employees had to sit back and be silent even though their idea was non-traditional and could see a huge success. Gone are those days. It is amazing being part of a generation in the industry that have been trained to be leaders and take charge. One of my mentors once said, 'Being heard is not raising your voice, but leaning in and making sure your seat at the table is not in vein', and the Prism Awards is this and so much more, giving the younger generation in the industry an opportunity to be heard.

BizcommunityComment on the judging process.

The judging process was tough and fun, from the debates, emerging myself in some of the campaigns put forward and being open to different perspectives.

BizcommunityWhat has the response been to this year’s entries?

Interesting. Some solutions to campaigns were interesting while others were not so clear.

BizcommunityWhat makes winning work stand out?

The thought-through process. Does the submitted campaign show a clear path in their objectives and achieve this?

BizcommunityWhat do you think young minds bring to the table?

Fresh thinking or opinion and enthusiasm to learn new ways.

BizcommunityWhat have you learnt working alongside the cluster judges?

Do not be afraid to challenge what may look like a clear yes.

BizcommunityWhat would the title of Prisms Young Judge for the 2020 awards mean to you?

Being a Prism Young Judge for the 2020 Awards means making sure my seat at the table is not in vein.

BizcommunityComment on the current state of PR.

PR is getting its recognition amongst other key industries, however, it's time for PR to embrace its own purpose. We are so much more than press releases and media coverage.

As mentioned, the Awards take place on Friday, 15 May. Follow us on Twitter for live updates and visit our Prism Awards special section for other related content and a list of all the winners following the announcement. Here’s the link to our other social media pages, as well as the Prism Awards’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow Candice Marescia on Twitter.

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