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How much would you pay to own a piece of Rugby World Cup history?

The Springboks have brought home the coveted Webb Ellis Cup for a fourth time, and, with it, the Official Trophy Travel Case designed by Louis Vuitton for Rugby World Cup France 2023. "But how much would this hand-crafted collector's item theoretically sell for?" asks Michael Zahariev co-founder of Luxity.
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He explains that while the value of the case is currently unknown; Louis Vuitton pieces tend to retain approximately 65% of their original value in the South African market, but unique items could sell for 150% of their original value.

“To determine how much one lucky fan could pay for this bespoke trophy trunk, we would need to consider the price of a new trunk with similar dimensions, but one which also has a uniqueness factor. Although it’s quite difficult to give exact estimates on such unique items, in that case, one would have to use a comparable.

So, in this instance, the benchmark could be the Party Trunk, (complete with disco ball and bar) which has an asking price of R3,6m and would set the resale value of the Webb Ellis Cup trophy case at R2,3m to R4,9m”.

Crafted with the iconic LV monogrammed leather and featuring timeless brass metal hardware, the Rugby World Cup France 2023 trophy case encapsulates the essence of Louis Vuitton's trunk-making heritage which dates back to the 1860s. The trophy trunk is further adorned with the vibrant colours of the French flag, a 'V' symbolising victory, and Roman numerals 'XV' representing the number of players in a rugby union team.

All these elements combine to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

“Perhaps a well-heeled South African will be prepared to pay the resale price for a chance to own a piece of history and/or one of the trunks in the Louis Vuitton collection created for some of the world’s most prestigious sporting trophies,” concludes Zahariev.

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