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Engineering internship opens for entry soon

Entry for enterprise asset management engineering company, Pragma's student training programme will open for entry on 1 March 2019.

Launched in 2011, the programme has been an enormous success and has won various industry accolades. It excelled at the 2015 fp&m seta Skills Development Summit, winning in the Best Graduate Training Programme, the AccelorMittal Best Training Programme as well as the SAASTA Best Innovative Training Programme categories.

Applications for this year's programme close on 31 March, and the training will run from 24 June to 12 July at Pragma's head office in Cape Town.

Who should apply?

The three-week programme is specifically aimed at B.Eng. or B.Sc.Eng. (Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, Electrical and Computer or Mechatronic) students in their third or fourth year of studies.

"The content of the programme ensures that students are introduced to the concepts of enterprise asset management as well as Pragma’s service offering," says Nelson Broden, regional manager at Pragma. "Furthermore, participants also have the privilege to be part of various coaching and mentoring sessions with Pragma’s senior management team in order to provide them with valuable life and career lessons right at the start of their careers.”

Broden explains: “The programme assists students in identifying their strengths in line with the Gallup model, offers mentorship sessions with Pragma’s senior management team, helps them gain experience by working on real life projects and engage with business support functions like marketing and ICT. Students are assigned real training and offered the opportunity to work in groups, guided by Pragma’s Asset Care Engineers in the process of researching and analysing the problem and compiling a solution, which they then present.”

He continues that the programme assists Pragma in identifying and attracting the brightest young talent from leading universities. “In return, students gain a solid grounding in the field of enterprise asset management as well as a new perspective on their careers, learn invaluable life lessons while at the same time honing their knowledge around the management of physical assets. Students are introduced to one of the best small companies to work for in South Africa where people development takes centre stage.”

With limited space available, interested students are urged to apply as soon as possible at Pragma Student Training Programme by 31 March 2019.
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