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Top 10 trends from SAMW AW18

South African menswear designers showcased their 2018 autumn/winter ranges at SA Menswear Week, which was held from 8-11 February 2018.
If I had to round up the weekend with one central theme it would be ‘statement’. Most of the designers sported unique aesthetics with powerful, meaningful thought behind their design. Slogans with an inclination towards activism – anti-abuse and other powerful declarations were used to ingrain awareness of social issues, e.g. ‘Love is Safe’ at Magents;  ‘We are because they were’ at Unknown - and the use of face paint, reminded me of ancient tribal markings in Africa.


Seven top trends from SA Menswear Fashion Week

The SA Menswear Spring Summer collection recently took place at the Palms in Woodstock from Thursday, 6 July to Saturday, 8 July...

By Meagan Duckitt 13 Jul 2017

The top trends identified were:


Wraps and overlapped fronts on coats and jackets as well as bottoms were key, and finished off looks with a bit of an Oriental touch, as showcased by Duke, House of St Luke, Zeitgeist, and Augustine.

House of St Luke
Neo Serati


As most silhouettes were more relaxed this year, tracksuits were a huge trend, and track pants were juxtaposed with tailored jackets, denim jackets and coats, as shown by Augustine, Duke, and Kidd Hunta.



This classic trend was celebrated in variations of tartans, checkerboard, Argyle, and plaids, as showcased by Chulaap, Issa Leo and Unknown Union.

Unknown Union


Statement faces, celebrating designer’s individuality by means of painted faces, accompanied the designs of Magents, Maxivive, Rosey & Vittori, and Tokyo James.

Rosey & Vittori
Tokyo James

Grampy’s best

Augustine, Solsol, Chulaap and Terrence Bray, all paid homage to their grampy in retro-inspired cardigans, pullovers, and jumpers, rocking 70s grandpa prints and colours.

Terrence Bray


Every year this trend seems to appear in different styles and interesting details. This year  Chulaap, Lemflux, Maxivive, Unknown Union and Terrence Bray includes clashing printed versions, knit layering, jumpers over shirts, etc.



This is one of the coolest trends for the season and was astutely incorporated in jackets, trousers and sets, as shown by Duke, Maxivive, Neo Serati, and Tokyo James.

Neo Serati


Chulaap is a master at mixing up prints, and this year is no exception. It was quite refreshing to see Terrence Bray’s take on what could not be seen as the easiest trends to execute.

Terrence Bray


We cannot overlook the presence of ethnic prints and elements of Africa, as showcased by Issa Leo, Unknown Union and Magents.

Issa Leo


A small, but key look that we cannot overlook this year, is presence of the cape, cape coats, oversized trench and oversized coats, in variations of fabrics and colours, as shown by Chulaap, Terrence Bray and Augustine.

Terrence Bray

Photography by SDR photos
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About Meagan Duckitt

Meagan is a fashion designer, stylist, writer and public speaker. She owns a small clothing business called Calista Clothing and enjoys using her knowledge to empower women.