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Pamro 2022 "Elevating media measurement and evaluation in a resilient Africa"

The Pan African Media Research Organisation (Pamro) is hosting its much anticipated 23rd annual conference. Pamro 2022 is being hosted in Cape Town at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Conference Centre, Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 October. They have invited Borderless Access to present a paper - the same team that partnered with Spark Media to conduct their 8th edition of Roots research.
Lynne Krog, senior research strategist at Spark Media
Lynne Krog, senior research strategist at Spark Media

Joining the Borderless Access team as a co-presenter at this year’s conference is Lynne Krog, senior research strategist at Spark Media. Lynne has been integral in the Roots 8.0 research conducted by Spark Media.

Pamro obtains actionable knowledge based on the behaviours of African people, particularly surrounding the media, lifestyles, and product usage. Given the shift to digital first, Roots Research is well positioned to be showcased, inclusive of the supplementary qualitative work, and online quantitative deliverables. Lynne will be highlighting a strong case for the role of community papers to the audience.

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Spark Media
Spark Media, a division of Caxton & CTP Publishers and Printers Ltd is an advertising and media-solutions, sales company. We represent Caxton-owned local newspapers, as well as selected independent publications in Sub-Saharan Africa. We offer solutions that focus on location-targeted content.

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