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Green packaging for MacDonald's

Following 118 McDonald's countries in environmental messaging, McDonald's South Africa will introduce a new generation of packaging in its local restaurants from November 2009.

The new packaging uses a blend of bold text and powerful images to illustrate the ingredients used in the food preparation process. "The company takes its role as a socially responsible organisation very seriously," says Greg Solomon, MD of McDonald's South Africa. "We make an effort to ensure that our packaging is environmentally sound and is made from renewable materials.”

"Our new packaging puts our food front and centre, making it the star. It will be consistent across the globe, using sophisticated graphics, photography and storytelling, with and without words.

The new packaging was first introduced in November 2008 in the US, Ireland and the UK. While the packaging reflects a global framework, the company says it is flexible enough to accommodate 21 languages while sharing stories about the quality of the ingredients in a way that is locally relevant for customers in each country.

The company is working with a local packaging firm, Nampak, which has received numerous supplier excellence and supplier awards, to develop and introduce the innovative and environmentally friendly packaging. Internationally, it has introduced the ‘Environmental Scorecard' to its suppliers, worldwide and 92% of its foods, packaging and tier-1 equipment suppliers have affirmed the company's code of conduct.

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