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Group One invests in gaming and esports industry

Group One, a Polish communication group and a part of the Serviceplan Group has invested in Game Changer, a new company dedicated to the gaming and esports industry.
Tomasz Przez´dziecki
Tomasz Przez´dziecki

Group One emphasises that this direction of competence development is a strategic decision dictated by the growing importance of these areas in media and in marketing communication. Tomasz Przeździecki, who has been associated with the gaming and esports community for many years, will be responsible for building the new agency Game Changer in the role of CEO. Serviceplan Group holds 25.1% shares of Group One, with CEO Marek Żołędziowski driving Group One as Serviceplan’s House of Communication in Poland.

Żołędziowski said, “In the range of competencies that we develop under one roof as a House of Communication, we could not miss out gaming and esports services. Our idea for this company is to combine Tomasz’s truly unique skills with a huge expert base that we have built so far in Group One. From the very first day, we provide him with comprehensive resources - several hundred experts in creation, production, media and technology, as well as access to the know-how of foreign partners, such as House of Gaming in Dubai. This is how we change the rules of the game - we open a start-up with the potential of a giant!”

Przeździecki has been interested in the gaming industry since 2001. His projects in this area have won many industry awards, including the prestigious Effie, Golden Arrow and MIXX Awards. He regularly shares his knowledge as a speaker at industry conferences, including Esports and Gaming Forum, Santander Universidades, MMP Insight Day, Social Media Convent, or appearing at the IAB podcast series How To - Gaming.

As he admits, the name of the company is not accidental, for he has challenged the market for years and wants to continue. Game Changer intends to introduce a new quality in the area of brand positioning and development in the world of games and esports, and the agency's services will include the creation of communication strategies in media, creation and production of branded content and cooperation with influencers.

Gaming as a new marketing platform
Gaming as a new marketing platform

Gaming's growth comes new opportunities for brands to align appropriately and turn the sector into a lucrative playing field for brands and organisations to explore...

By Tasneem Cassim, Issued by Clockwork 13 Aug 2021

Przeździecki commented, “We are not interested in template campaigns, which for many agencies are just another ‘non-standard’. We think wider - we plan to develop competencies related to AI, we are interested in the use of robots and bots, cryptocurrencies and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). We want to combine all of these tools together with the marketing activities of our clients."

Przeździecki emphasised that the esports and gaming market hates stagnation, so you need to be constantly up-to-date in order to become a guide and reliable partner for customers who will introduce their brands into this dynamic world. And here the second meaning of the company's name is revealed - entering new ground for clients may become their game-changer in the fight for market shares. The company has ambitions to instil gaming and esports in the so-called mainstream, adjusting this market segment to the individual needs of various partners.
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