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Booming week at Boomtown

Gold EPICA and four Assegais, plus MACE recognition for NMMU

It doesn't rain, it pours when it comes to awards for Boomtown, and last week the team walked away with a gold international EPICA award, and four Assegais for its World's First Stethoscope Radio Ad for Africa Health Placements.

The gold EPICA was awarded in the B2B direct mail category and Boomtown was one of only three South African agencies to be recognised. At the Assegais it was recognised in the alternative media category (leader award) and won a bronze in the 3D direct mail category, silver for creative solutions (craft) and the cream of the crop, gold for public sector service.

Andrew MacKenzie, Boomtown's creative director said of their work: "The gold for public sector service is particularly gratifying as this is why the campaign was developed in the first place, to make a difference in the public sector.

"We have 20% of the world's population in sub-Saharan Africa but only 2% of the world's physicians. Africa Health Placements has been on a mission to draw enthusiastic graduate doctors from the US and Europe to get involved, improve medical care and gain invaluable experience across Africa. And they have place many medical grads since its launch."

The World's First Stethoscope Radio Ad direct mail works by the recipient placing their stethoscope on the box, where a pressure sensor activates the audio clip.

"We knew all graduating doctors have a stethoscope, so devised an idea which also encouraged sharing amongst their peers." Added MacKenzie.

In addition to the Assegais and EPICA, Boomtown's innovative branding and communication solutions for Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) won its client recognition at the Marketing, Advancement and Communication in Education (MACE) Excellence Awards.

They were for:

  • Its new app, myjourney;
  • Its unconventional packaging of the university's Annual Report
  • The external newsletter, In Touch
  • Videos of NMMU ambassadors as part of a strategy to reach today's highly-visual Generation Y
  • Its integrated Graduation campaign aimed at profiling all that is excellent about NMMU.

Glen Meier, Boomtown MD, commented on the week of accolades saying: "Our focus at Boomtown is to produce amazing work that yields results for our clients. Winning awards for this work is a fantastic tribute to the team."

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