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Vicinity Media achieves 100% location accuracy in independent audit

At Vicinity Media our location technology and accuracy is our highest priority, so when independent location verification company Location Sciences entered the market, we jumped at the opportunity to have our tech audited.
Location Sciences is an independent, third party data authentication company that verifies the accuracy and quality of location data used in proximity-targeted advertising. It provides full clarity and transparency to brands on the use of location data in their location targeted advertising campaigns.

According to Location Sciences, advertisers are wasting literally millions of dollars on location data inventory that is either not contributing to their marketing goals or is completely useless. As a result, outcomes of advertiser campaigns are being compromised which impacts sales and marketing strategy results.

As recent entrants in the South African market, Location Sciences offered a number of location players the opportunity to test their accuracy. As is the global norm, a number of players turned down this offer. Vicinity Media jumped at it.

Vicinity Media COO Neil Clarence comments, “The digital landscape is as murky as ever, we welcome full transparency on all analytics, viewability and now location accuracy. We’ve included Location Sciences on all our campaigns so that our clients can have an independent reassurance that they’re getting what they paid for. All marketers and agencies should demand the same from any location partner.”

The results of the first Vicinity campaign we ran with Location Sciences are below.


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