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Cannes Lions Special Section

7 insights from #Cannes2023

It seemed this year's Cannes Festival attracted more marketers than ever before. Some accompanied their agencies, some joined their global company meetings, the WFA seminars, the CMO Global Growth Council, and client and agency celebrated together the Lions awards they won.
Source: © Business Insider  Cesar Vacchiano, Scopen International president, gives insights from Cannes Lions 2023
Source: © Business Insider Business Insider Cesar Vacchiano, Scopen International president, gives insights from Cannes Lions 2023

The big consultancies occupied the Cabanas. More than ever platforms and tech companies occupied the beach, hotels, and restaurants. They hosted the most sought-after parties, bringing artists and singers. Those without passes were even swimming through the sea to approach the beach where the parties were being held. Police boats turned them back.

7 Insights from Cannes Lions 2023

  1. The buzz word: AI
  2. The buzz word of this year’s festival was AI. Everybody was talking about the fears and the opportunities. The learning is that we must think of it as a tool, as it is going to help us improve what we do. It is certainly going to make some jobs obsolete, but it will also open opportunities to work in this new environment, as always happens with new technologies and tools.

    Some live demonstrations took place, and it was amazing to see how songs can be written using AI, showing that we must take it as a new tool and not as a threat, and that it will help us to reinvent ourselves because this is how our world progresses.

  3. Diversity and inclusion
  4. Another big topic was around diversity and inclusion which is being heavily supported by big brands that have realized its importance. It is not only the governments, NGOs, or small projects around the world, but the big multinational brands supporting and doing authentic things that change the world for the LGBTIQ+ collective as well as the inclusion of women. Even the festival supported this important issue with the most diverse panel of jury presidents ever.

  5. Social media
  6. Insights convinced us that social media is one of the most important platforms to connect with the younger generations and seminars focused on the power of key opinion leaders and influencers. We need to understand what is happening with these creators and how they work, coordinating and integrating themselves with the strategies of the brands. Looking at the social market, Social Commerce is going to reach $1 trillion US dollars, so we really need to pay attention to what is happening in this space.

  7. Rise of B2B
  8. Last year we saw the rise of the B2B category. This year we have seen this category keep growing, and some extraordinary cases even won Lions. The most impressive work was done by Intel that allows for the detection of fake faces as a B2B tool, done in a very creative way.

  9. Pharma is growing
  10. Another growing area is Pharma. More and more companies and agencies are competing in all its categories. It is a difficult sector with many barriers and legal restraints. What is amazing is to see how Pharma is helping to end many diseases and make life easier in emerging markets.

  11. Gaming and its power
  12. We also saw a high presence of gaming and the power it wields. In the past it was all about Fortnite, and it was more like a trend. Now we see multiplatform campaigns and the power of platforms such as Twitch.

    We saw a campaign from the Bank of Montreal that involves streamers talking about financial education on Twitch engaging young people, Gen Z, for hours learning about finance.

  13. Creativity more important then ever
  14. Attending the Awards galas, you really have the feeling that creativity is more important than ever. You appreciate how ideas differentiate brands, how ideas move people to engage with brands, and how innovation improves people’s lives and makes the world a better place to live in.

10 inspiring campaigns

I also encourage you to learn from the following 10 inspiring campaigns that won awards in many categories, and approach briefings and challenges in many different ways:

  1. Mouthpad by Wunderman Thompson Lima
  2. Knock Knock for the Korean Police by Cheil
  3. The Artois Probability for Stella Artois by Gut Buenos Aires
  4. The Last Photo a Live Event Outdoor by adam&eveDDB
  5. Fitchix for Honest Eggs by VMLY&R Melbourne
  6. Shellmet by TBWA Hakuhodo
  7. Schoolgirl Newscasters by Impact BBDO Dubai
  8. Fondation Anne de Gaulle by Havas Paris
  9. Heinz Draw Ketchup by Rethink Toronto, 1
  10. The Foamy Haircut for Brahma by Africa Sao Paulo

The last two are 2022 campaigns that won in 2023 demonstrating creative effectiveness. I have selected work from different countries and regions that demonstrate that great creative ideas come from everywhere.

Congratulations to the South African agencies that won Cannes Lions this year. Ogilvy (the most awarded South African agency), FCB Africa, Grey, Grid, and Promise must be very proud because it is more and more difficult to win.

There were more than 27,000 entries and only 3% won a Lion. South Africa also won in the Young Lions competition, something also very difficult to achieve.

The team from Joe Public, Raphael Janan Kuppasamy and Bernice Puleng Mosala, with Your Home A Classroom, won in film competition focused on raising awareness amongst mothers in India to take charge of their young children’s education. Thanks to Cannes Lions our industry is inspired and celebrates its talent and uniqueness, more so each year.

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