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Celebrate 20 years of democracy with 21 Icons' collectors' edition

In celebration of 20 years of democracy, the newly released book, 21 Icons, offers exclusive access to a remarkable spread of South African legends. The title celebrates the lives of key figures who navigated South Africa out of the darkness of apartheid, as well as life-saving crusaders, inspirational artists and others fighting to conserve South Africa's rich natural and cultural heritage. All of this is captured beautifully and uniquely by well-known photographer and filmmaker, Adrian Steirn. 21 Icons makes the perfect year-end gift for all those who show a keen interest in South African history. Special Offer limited to Bizcommunity readers: Purchase 20 books and receive 1 FREE!
21 Icons is a visual celebration of the lives of men and women who have shaped the world around them for the better. This book is in fact a visual journey celebrating the lives, achievements and essential goodness of some of South Africa's greatest citizens.

In a generous and beautifully written forward, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu says: "Inspired by Madiba's great legacy, photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn, together with creative director Harriet Pratten, established the 21 Icons project when visiting South Africa from Australia. Today, they too call our glorious country 'home'. Like many global friends of our nation, they have joined hands with us in an extraordinary commitment to supporting the journey of building South Africa. Through his special lens, Adrian captures not only the wonderful faces of men and women who inspire others, but also the essence of Ubuntu latent in the spirits, smiles and efforts of these people," says Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

21 Icons is a proudly South African book with a profoundly global message that celebrates the goodness in people. "There is a lot of evil in the world, but there is also a lot of good. In fact we are made for goodness, which is fantastic," says Tutu.

This book is the ideal companion for South Africans interested in the human tapestry of the country.

"21 Icons pays tribute to who we are and what we have overcome in a magnificent large format book, with iconic photographs taken by Adrian Steirn, which highlights words of wisdom from those people who have made a difference in South Africa. 21 Icons is a title that Quivertree has been proud to be part of - an inspirational and profoundly patriotic read," says Libby Doyle of Quivertree Publishers.

The 21 Icons project

The 21 Icons project is a unique concept, which combines fine-art portraits, short films, behind-the-scenes photography, written narrative and a feature length documentary and now a book. The aim of the venture was to capture in an immersive manner the lives of the people featured. This meant striving for intimacy during the portrait shoots and interviews, to ensure that the charm, humility and sincerity of South Africa's most remarkable people came through.

"21 Icons surely takes one back into the history of South Africa, the road we've travelled and where we are going - it brings hope to one's heart," says Radio Tygerberg drive time presenter, Karien Basson.

21 Icons is based on the belief that in each of us lies the potential to act as catalysts for profoundly positive changes in our world. Through sharing the remarkable stories of people who have devoted their lives to struggle for the greater good of mankind, it is hoped that new generations can be inspired to follow in the proud footsteps of these iconic men and women.

Charmaine Muller from Exclusive Books in Sandton describes the 21 ICONS book as "A big, beautiful book. The photographs are themselves almost as remarkable as the extraordinary South Africans they portray!"

This limited edition coffee table book is the perfect gift for anyone interested in the history and achievements of South Africa. Click here for orders below 20. for orders above 20.

Orders above 20 receive 1 book FREE!

Viewers and fans of 21 Icons South Africa will be able to follow it on Twitter: @21icons; view on the website at; or comment at To view the 21 Icons short films, please visit the YouTube channel:

21 Icons is available at R675 from all major book retailers throughout South Africa.

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