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Driven: Ford EcoSport Ambiente 1.5 Automatic

Last year, Ford Motor Company Southern Africa added a six-speed automatic transmission edition to the popular EcoSport Ambiente petrol derivative...

By Imran Salie 6 May 2021

Driven: Volkswagen's special edition Polo Vivo Mswenko

Volkswagen has now updated its Polo Vivo range by adding a special edition called the Mswenko. This derivative is the first-ever Volkswagen with a SA name...

By Imran Salie 6 May 2021

Petrol and diesel price decrease for May 2021

Motorists can expect the price of fuel to decrease for the month of May...

By Imran Salie 30 Apr 2021

#BehindtheBrandManager: Nokwe Ndwandwe of Nissan South Africa

Ndwandwe talks about her role, recent campaigns she has worked on, her career, and the activities she engages in outside of work...

By Imran Salie 22 Apr 2021

#BehindtheBrandManager: Charmagne Mavudzi of Volvo Car South Africa

Charmagne Mavudzi of Volvo Car South Africa uncovers recent campaigns she has worked on, plans for sustainability and more...

By Imran Salie 13 Apr 2021

Talking 5G with Avishai Sharlin, president of Amdocs Technology

Sharlin details the positive aspects of 5G, its role in digital transformation, and how communications service providers can use it to properly connect with customers...

By Imran Salie 26 Feb 2021

#BizTrends2021: How we can create new ways to adapt to our new days

Musa Kalenga, CEO and founder of Bridge Labs, delivered a keynote talk at the #BizTrends2021 live virtual event held on 28 January. In his talk, Kalenga discussed creating new ways to adapt to our new days...

By Imran Salie 2 Feb 2021

#StartupStory: JDP Corp, a tech startup tailored for the fitness world

Technology has seamlessly integrated into the world of fitness over the past few years. Adding to this harmony is a new workout bench called Digi Smart Bench that can be controlled electronically and through an app...

By Imran Salie 14 Jan 2021

A review of the Cat S52 phone

Is the new Cat S52 the most rugged, sleek smartphone of all time? Or is it a sorry attempt at blending the two together? Here's what you need to know...

By Imran Salie 29 Apr 2020

HP empowers women and entrepreneurs in Africa

Elisabeth Moreno, vice president and managing director of HP Africa, elaborates on HP's efforts in cultivating entrepreneurship and women empowerment through technology...

By Imran Salie 18 Feb 2020

HP's plan to bridge gap between tech, education and Africa's hidden talent

Elisabeth Moreno, vice president and managing director of HP Africa, offers insight into how technology and education can help economic growth in Africa...

By Imran Salie 11 Feb 2020

What every entrepreneur should keep in mind for 2020

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, here are 5 fundamental tips to keep in mind for 2020...

By Imran Salie 14 Jan 2020

5 Awesome upgrades to the Renault Kwid

Renault has managed to maintain the Kwid's affordability whilst adding flair and oomph to the new version...

By Imran Salie 3 Dec 2019

So what's the fuss about the BMW M Festival?

The second-ever BMW M Festival was a unique event. It was the culmination of experience and celebration...

By Imran Salie 21 Nov 2019

What you need to know about the all-new Range Rover Evoque

The all-new Range Rover Evoque is now available in South Africa, which begs the question: does it maintain the moxie that catapulted it to the upper-echelon of all-purpose SUVs?

By Imran Salie 27 May 2019

BMW's all-new 3 Series is sleek, sporty, and precise

BMW's latest edition of its notable 3 Series Sedan, the G20, has made its way to South African shores...

By Imran Salie 13 Mar 2019

Celebrating the release of Jimmy Nevis' new album Chimera

I recently had the opportunity to celebrate the launch of Jimmy Nevis' third studio album, Chimera. The celebration took place at the Sneaker Cartel in Long Street, Cape Town on 24 May 2018...

By Imran Salie 30 May 2018

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