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The relationship between the fourth industrial revolution and leadership

One of the most profound challenges facing organisations today is that realities are constantly changing. Having to deal with disruptive challenges and global external pressures are daily realities...

By Auguste Coetzer, Issued by Pinpoint One 2 days ago

How to harness the power of workforce analytics

Current trends right now, due to both technology and the Covid crisis, have brought terms like the "fourth industrial revolution", "artificial intelligence", "digitalisation" and "the Internet of Things" strongly to the fore...

By Shaun Barnes 7 Sep 2020

Unleashing talent in the Age of With

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its ability to augment human workers is one of the most influential forces shaping the future of work. As AI adoption advances, the way organisations do their work is evolving...

By Wessel Oosthuizen 30 Jul 2020

How many employees will return to the office?

Regardless of the easing of lockdown, most employees still won't be returning to their offices, an international survey by Citrix has revealed. This is largely due to the rapid shift to remote working that has accelerated digital transformation at most companies. The survey shows IT leaders are preparing for new work order...

10 Jul 2020

Lockdown sees the rise of Generation 'R'

As the world anxiously waits for the lockdown to end, a new generation of workers is evolving and getting ready take on the new world of work...

By Rob Bothma 2 Jul 2020

Reimagining labour at the dawn of 4IR

Before the industrial revolution of the 1780s, most of Europe's population served as indentured labour for a small group of nobles and royals that owned the land. The advent of mass mechanisation changed that picture by creating a new mechanism to share wealth beyond the top stratum of society...

By Thando Gobe 1 Jun 2020

How 4IR is changing the teaching and practice of HR

According to Ashley Motene, industrial psychologist and management and leadership programme developer at Sacap, SA educational institutions face the challenge of not just striving to fill the current skills shortages highlighted by the National Skills Development Plan 2030 and the SABPP People Factor Strategy but to also address the further competence needs to be highlighted by 4IR in the global context...

Issued by SACAP 29 May 2020

The future of work

As part of SAICA's Leadership in a Time of Crisis webinar series, Willem van der Post, CA(SA) and CEO of xTech.Capital shared some thoughts on what the workplace of the future will look like, especially in a post-coronavirus world...

Issued by SAICA 21 May 2020

When IT meets HR to solidify digital transformation...

Did you know that over the last decade, digital transformation projects have had less than a 20% success rate...?

19 May 2020

A practical guide of actions for business leaders

Experts don't know how long it will take to contain the coronavirus so businesses are challenged with not only preparing for the short-term, but also developing new capabilities and ways of working...

By Vukani Mngxati 7 May 2020

Empowering employees through digital transformation is key to improving CX

To create powerful connections between the business, its employees and customers, and succeed in the digitally-driven business environment, organisations need to optimise three things: the organisation, people and technology...

By Diane Meyers 5 May 2020

Merging tech with employee wellbeing

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has been a catalyst for change. As social distancing becomes the new normal, entire workforces have needed to connect as well as collaborate remotely.

By Terence Moolman 4 May 2020

4 ways to build resilience during trying times

Entrepreneurial businesses both small and medium have been particularly hard hit in these challenging times, and many are now facing an existential threat. However, there are ways to rethink their business models and adapt to a world which is unlikely to return to its old habits...

17 Apr 2020

The influence of Covid-19 on SA's work environment

In the last week prior to and during the lockdown, the number of people working from home increased, while some were sent home on unpaid leave. This has distinguished companies that have started adapting to the 4IR through proper systems from those that haven't adapted at all...

By Nomihlali Ntsunguzi 16 Apr 2020

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