Evolution of Work

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New skills needed in the 4IR

ICT professionals will have to cultivate ethics, professionalism and a range of new skills to thrive in future...

1 day ago

Embrace the opportunities 4IR ushers in

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is already having a hugely disruptive effect on all aspects of our lives, but will arguably have the most profound impact...

2 days ago

#EvolutionOfWork: Jobs of the future - what will they be and how do we prepare for them?

If you consider how 4IR has disrupted education, business and industry sectors worldwide, we can safely assume that South Africa will also need to make provisions to do the same, but what will the future employment landscape look like...?

3 days ago

Collaboration key in closing the digital skills gap in Africa

In the face of an immensely challenging digital skills gap on the continent, Mojolaoluwa Aderemi-Makinde, head of brand and reputation at Google Africa, remains optimistic...

By Sindy Peters 2 Dec 2019

How 4IR is creating more jobs

With the world on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) that is set to fundamentally change how people engage and interact with each other and business, the focus now is on what the job market of the future will look like...

29 Nov 2019

#EntrepreneurMonth: New app set to change unemployment, poverty in SA

South Africa's unemployment rate is at its highest in over a decade, with more than 6 million people now being unemployed...

By Evan-Lee Courie 26 Nov 2019

#AfricaCom: Tech skills needed to create future jobs on the 'side-hustle' continent

Up to 18 million jobs need to be created annually just to absorb the new entrants each year. This is unprecedented globally and doesn't even include the unemployed and underemployed...

By Leigh Andrews 18 Nov 2019

#CatalystAfrica: Simon Dingle debunks fintech and cryptocurrency myths

Simon Dingle started his Catalyst Africa presentation by confirming that when he's not making apps or writing books, he loves thinking out loud in public about a variety of divergent topics...

By Leigh Andrews 12 Nov 2019

SA taking steps towards a 4IR economy

Ahead of AfricaCom this week, Janet MacKenzie, partner at Baker McKenzie, Johannesburg, has lauded the recent positive steps taken by SA's Government to resolve the challenges that affect the country's ability to implement high-end, 4IR technology and infrastructure...

11 Nov 2019

Why human creativity is still needed to navigate radical innovation

Publicis Machine's Amanda Alves elaborates on why human creativity and innovation are still needed to navigate 4IR. She also lets us in on which skills will be most at risk of commoditisation, as AI and machine learning enter the workplace...

By Juanita Pienaar 4 Nov 2019

How 4IR is solving unemployment

There's been much in the media about the fourth industrial revolution and how it has the potential to change South Africa's economy for the better...

31 Oct 2019

The rise of the digital co-worker

While some commentators talk about the 4IR as something that is happening in the future, the reality is a little more immediate...

By Ryan Falkenberg 16 Oct 2019

Humans give meaning to machines in the 4IR workplace

Within the evolving scenario of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the big question is what role will people play in the extraction of actionable data and which careers are being created as a result of these expanding possibilities?...

Issued by Nielsen 15 Oct 2019

Preparing the HR department for the digital workplace

The world of work continues to evolve, altering our assumptions about the jobs and tasks we do, the tools we use to perform them, and the ways in which we collaborate with our colleagues...

By Debbie Tim 14 Oct 2019

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