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6 words to guide you on your B2B content marketing journeyArticle

There are millions of companies buying products and services in SA. While B2B marketing has its own methods, it pays to remember there's a real person making those business decisions. New Media B2B GM Dev Naidoo and Swipe iX MD Leo Redelinghuys talk digitalisation without audience alienation...

Dev Naidoo and Leo Redelinghuys 14 Sep 2020

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The case for creativity in B2B marketingArticle

Warren Moss, CEO of Demographica writes that our B2C marketers are globally-renowned and regularly win international recognition for campaigns - so why don't B2B marketers, also?...

Warren Moss 14 Sep 2020

#WomensMonth: Claire Denham-Dyson, 'It's essential that young womxn see this industry as a safe and fruitful space'
#WomensMonth: Claire Denham-Dyson, 'It's essential that young womxn see this industry as a safe and fruitful space'Article

Claire Denham-Dyson, head anthropologist at Demographica shares why she hopes that marketing becomes more of a lucrative space for creatives and why she thinks it's essential that young womxn see this industry as a safe and fruitful space where they can be properly remunerated...

Juanita Pienaar 27 Aug 2020

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B2B customers are people, tooArticle

B2B marketers have, for years, treated DMU's (Decision-Making Unit) as a homogenous group - but it's time to embrace the concept that they're individual people with their own functions, interests and needs, and communicate with them accordingly...

Chiedza Gonyora 30 Jun 2020

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The value of journey work for companies and brands in B2B marketingArticle

Traditional project, campaign and brief-based marketing work needs to change - particularly in the B2B world, and even more so in a world during and post-Covid19...

Julie Humphreys 11 May 2020

E-commerce AC19: How Covid-19 is speeding up digital transformation in SA
E-commerce AC19: How Covid-19 is speeding up digital transformation in SAArticle

As a result of the lockdown, there has been an almost immediate shift from traditional methods of business and retail...

Michaela Gabriel 28 Apr 2020

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5 steps to mastering B2B copywritingArticle

For those not familiar with the world of B2B, it can appear complex and confusing. Below are a few tips you can implement when looking to craft an impactful piece of writing within a B2B context...

Hlumelo Williams 6 Apr 2020

#BizTrends2020: 8 B2B marketing trends for 2020
#BizTrends2020: 8 B2B marketing trends for 2020Article

Companies are truly starting to understand what good B2B marketing looks like and are looking for dedicated agencies to deliver it...

Warren Moss 18 Dec 2019

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#EntrepreneurMonth: Local website OverHere is redefining the way people travelArticle

As South Africans plan for their December holidays, they can rely on new features in a completely free-to-use website developed by a Pretoria-based entrepreneur, Leon Schnell, founder of

Robin Fredericks 25 Nov 2019

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A guide to understanding the importance of anthropology in B2B marketingArticle

Anthropology in the B2B space has seen great success over the years by helping businesses at all levels see and think differently about their business and clients...

Martin Musasa 6 Nov 2019

The CSO+P team, Werner Odendaal, Wynand Coetzer, and Beth Strauss. Image supplied.
CSO+Partners on Demographica partnership and creating business-led customer experience strategiesArticle

B2B marketing agency Demographica recently partnered with CSO+Partners, a premium strategic business consultancy that integrates three types of thinking - future thinking, behavioural planning and systems design - to help businesses succeed...

Juanita Pienaar 23 Oct 2019

Julie Humphreys joins Demographica.
#Newsmaker: Demographica appoints Julie Humphreys in new, unique roleArticle

Demographica recently appointed Julie Humphreys in one of their biggest appointments to date...

Juanita Pienaar 19 Sep 2019

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Developing your brand voice on social media: 5 mistakes to avoidArticle

It's crucial for business success to understand the hidden influences of users' decision-making process in the modern digital space...

Dana Kachan 19 Jul 2019

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Designing for B2B customer experienceArticle

Designing for customer experience (CX) in the B2B marketing world is, at heart, about how to support clients as much as possible to grow their business by attracting and retaining customers through value exchange...

Wade Fraser 16 Jul 2019

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Purpose-driven storytelling drives communicationArticle

This year's SABRE Africa Awards provide a snapshot of how PR on the continent is progressing...

30 May 2019

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The elusive 'insight' and the global appetite for meaningful knowledgeArticle

In marketing and business, good insights are like Fabergé eggs - rare, fascinating and in many ways, mythical. Most strong strategy does not evolve without a powerful insight to lead it, and robust research backing it up...

Claire Denham-Dyson 29 May 2019

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5 tips to turn your LinkedIn company page into a lead generation pageArticle

LinkedIn can be a true game-changer for B2B (business to business) companies. Built for business networking, LinkedIn works exceptionally well for B2B lead generation, making it one of the top tactics for B2B marketing...

Ronelle Bester 24 May 2019

What's the purpose of 'purpose' in B2B?
What's the purpose of 'purpose' in B2B?Article

If you think a brand's purpose has no place in B2B, best you consult your HR department. You might be surprised to learn who is influencing procurement and why, in 2019, purpose power is the new purchase power...

Issued by icandi CQ 23 May 2019

ABM and inbound marketing: A combined approach
ABM and inbound marketing: A combined approachArticle

B2B marketing specialists leverage a variety of strategic programmes and tactical campaigns to enable an organisation to achieve its goals...

Alon Fittinghoff 14 May 2019

Why every brand should focus on organic social media marketing
Why every brand should focus on organic social media marketingArticle

Brian Mechem lists reasons why B2B brands should implement organic social media marketing...

Brian Mechem 15 Mar 2019

Account-based marketing
Account-based marketingArticle

In a post-modern world, team structures should be built around ABM capabilities, effectively breaking down siloed ways of working...

Maxine Ohayon 8 Mar 2019

The reason 50% of B2B buyers will be more likely to purchase your product
The reason 50% of B2B buyers will be more likely to purchase your productArticle

In the technology space, it's easy to get lost in the clutter. If you can demonstrate real value by telling your story however, B2B buyers will be 50% more likely to purchase from you...

Matt Brown, Issued by Digital Kungfu 12 Feb 2019

#BizTrends2019: The endurance of trade shows in a digital world
#BizTrends2019: The endurance of trade shows in a digital worldArticle

Marketing. The term has (especially of late) been deconstructed, reconstructed and analysed from every angle, curve and graph. Its core, however, has continuously remained robust and unchanging: communication...

Gary Corin, Issued by Specialised Exhibitions 7 Jan 2019

Warren Moss is the founder and CEO of Demographica.
#BizTrends2019: The importance of the shift to post-modern marketingArticle

How can a disruptive company rely on traditional, pre-modern marketing thinking to drive home the values of their 21st-century brand?

Warren Moss 24 Dec 2018

What makes a great B2B marketer?
What makes a great B2B marketer?Article

Strong Business-2-Business (B2B) marketers are a rare breed. Warren Moss lists a few characteristics that set the strong, talented and effective ones apart from the rest...

Warren Moss 16 Aug 2018

B2B marketing misconceptions, exclusive interview w/ Tom Stein
B2B marketing misconceptions, exclusive interview w/ Tom SteinArticle

Jessica Tennant interviews Tom Stein, chairman and CCO of Stein IAS to find out what delegates can expect from his talk at B2B Marketing Africa in Johannesburg on Tuesday, 19 June and his view of the B2B marketing landscape from a global perspective...

Jessica Tennant 13 Jun 2018

Go big, or go boutique? What to consider when appointing a PR agency
Go big, or go boutique? What to consider when appointing a PR agencyArticle

The 90s sales slogan reads: "Go big or go home!" Does this kind of thinking still apply today?...

Maiyo Febi 25 Apr 2018

Get your free tickets for the Property Buyer Show, Cape Town
Get your free tickets for the Property Buyer Show, Cape TownArticle

With improved sentiment in the property market and a much-improved economy, now is the perfect time for first-time buyers and property investors to enter the market...

Issued by Private Property South Africa 16 Apr 2018

#Newsmaker: Getting to really know Demographica's new GM Lauren Damant
#Newsmaker: Getting to really know Demographica's new GM Lauren DamantArticle

Named one of the most influential women in SA digital marketing in 2016 by Memeburn and Ventureburn, Damant is respected in the industry and has the required experience and expertise to help drive growth....

Jessica Tennant 4 Apr 2018

Tourism marketing trends to tap into in 2018
Tourism marketing trends to tap into in 2018Article

The competitive nature of the tourism industry - coupled with consumers constantly changing expectations - has meant that keeping tabs on, and tapping into, marketing trends is a must for business success...

Christa Badenhorst 5 Jan 2018

The art of anthropology and B2B communication
The art of anthropology and B2B communicationArticle

While the advertising world is often dominated by psychology, Claire Denham-Dyson writes that she believe there are many benefits to using anthropology in B2B marketing...

Claire Denham-Dyson 23 Nov 2017

Boris Dzhingarov
What are the biggest challenges seen in B2B selling?Article

When you want to sell to a business you are faced with many different challenges than what is seen as consumer selling happens. You have a sales cycle that is naturally going to be longer and the speed of a buying process is slower...

Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 18 Oct 2017

Warren Moss, CEO at Demographica and Tom Stein, chairman and chief client officer at Stein IAS.
Demographica-Stein IAS partnership ushers in new growth in African B2B marketArticle

Demographica has become the first agency on the African continent to join Stein IAS' global B2B marketing network. CEO of Demographica Warren Moss and CCO of Stein IAS Tom Stein elaborate on this alliance...

Juanita Pienaar 10 Oct 2017

#InnovationMonth: A different take on communications
#InnovationMonth: A different take on communicationsArticle

ByDesign Communications is celebrating its first year of business this month and has already won a few awards, including being named the SABRE EMEA Best New PR Consultancy in 2017...

Jessica Tennant 12 Sep 2017

#DigitalMarketing: The attributes of a successful digital marketing strategy
#DigitalMarketing: The attributes of a successful digital marketing strategyArticle

Companies should allocate budget to researching their customers' needs and wants and digital behaviour before developing the strategy...

Louise Marsland 24 Jul 2017

Warren Moss, founder and CEO of Demographica.
#AfricaMonth: Demographica's Warren Moss on the business of B2B marketingArticle

Warren Moss was the only judge from Africa in the annual BMA B2 Awards, which recognise the top performing Business to Business (B2B) marketers around the world. He shares tips for success in B2B marketing...

Leigh Andrews 25 May 2017

Chantel Troskie, customer experience account manager at Oracle SA.
Get ready for the AI startup retail CX revolutionArticle

Virtual chatbots are becoming commonplace in the B2B marketing sector as well as for general online consumer shopping. Here's what else to expect from the AI retail startup boom...

Leigh Andrews 16 May 2017

B2B marketing: Time to catch a wake-up
B2B marketing: Time to catch a wake-upArticle

Scratch a bit on the surface of the current South African business-to-business (B2B) marketing landscape and it's easy to believe that you've found a portal into a pre-internet world...

Charlie Stewart 6 May 2016

Paragliding. Check how white those knuckles are.
[Behind the Selfie] with... Charlie StewartArticle

This week, we find out what's really going on behind the selfie with Charlie Stewart, CEO of Rogerwilco...

Leigh Andrews 11 Apr 2016

Lead generation for any business
Lead generation for any businessArticle

Many organisations battle with lead generation. Marketing initiatives have changed significantly due to the advent of the internet, smart devices and the addition of several new channels and ways to market in real time...

23 Feb 2016

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B2B digital marketing tools and tipsArticle

B2B marketing is a tricky endeavour. Above-the-line advertising is ineffective, and it can be incredibly difficult to reach the right decision-makers in companies...

Adiv Maimon 9 Oct 2015

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