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Branded entertainment webisodes from Castle Lite

Capitalising on a new wave of online marketing using branded entertainment, Castle Lite has introduced unique 'webisodes' that represent an entertaining combination of innovation and experimentation.
This innovative marketing concept has taken off internationally and sees brands utilising video content that is interactive and engages with target consumers, to communicate their image and messages in an original way, using video content that is styled in a manner aligned to what consumers currently want to view.

New innovations

The humorous 'webisodes' have been created to introduce the brand's new packaging innovation, the 2-stage cold indicator, which tells consumers when their beer is either cold or extra extra cold. It shows entertaining characters, known as 'The Ice Breakers', demonstrating how one could potentially activate Castle Lite's 2-Stage cold indicator through a series of experiments.

As an entertainment-based vehicle, branded entertainment can be implemented across various platforms, devices and environments. Primarily designed for the digital space and therefore not yet regarded as a conventional advertising method, it represents a fresh and unexpected approach to promotion, particularly for the beer category.

The creation of these 'webisodes' is the result of a collaboration with digital agency HelloComputer, Giant Films and internationally acclaimed director, Sam Coleman. The brand has opted for the innovative marketing platform that is aligned to its mind-set of continual 'Extra Cold' innovation.

Involving consumers

"One of our key marketing objectives is to have a consumer-centric approach, to ensure that our consumers are involved in the evolution and promotion of our brand through the marketing messages that are communicated to them," commented Leanne Martin, Castle Lite marketing manager of communications. "An important consideration throughout all campaigns and the marketing methods used is to ensure that our consumer audiences enjoy the messages communicated to them. The use of branded entertainment allows us to effectively engage consumers in the digital space, with bespoke content and a channel specific approach."

Bringing Coleman on board as director for the 'webisodes', ensures that the success and longevity of this latest initiative will be achieved.

"The brand has positioned itself at the forefront of content marketing in South Africa and I am very excited to be involved in this project," commented Coleman. "The concept behind the use of this marketing platform is ultimately what intrigued me - a light-hearted and entertaining approach that effectively captures the dynamic of how a bunch of guys hang out."

View the webisodes here:

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