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Agri Technovation steers SA agriculture into the 4IR with new mobile app

Agri Technovation has launched its MyFarmWeb Mobile app to help navigate South African producers into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. MyFarmWeb, developed in partnership with Laeveld Agrochem, Vodacom and Mezzanine, is a cloud-based web platform that allows a producer to capture agricultural information, from the soil to the market, into a system that aggregates and calibrates the data to assist in best practice decision-making.
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"In the agriculture solution market, it is not so much a question of survival of the fittest as much as it is about the survival of the most innovative and relevant," says Erik de Vries, director of marketing and sales at Agri Technovation.

Producers can use the system to measure and record data ranging from soil physical, chemical, and microbial analysis, pest presence, satellite and remote sensing information and data from various internet-connected farming sensors like soil moisture probes, vehicle trackers and weather stations, to produce the most profitable yield from the available land and environment under their control.

"There are so many macro-inputs that a farmer needs to consider and monitor in order to make the most informed decisions," says Jacques de Vos, CEO of Mezzanine "and that’s where MyFarmWeb comes in."

Converting productivity into profitability

For the last three years, MyFarmWeb has enabled farmers to use digital technology to input their field data into a single point of entry to allow them to drill down, pinpoint, calculate and analyse all these inputs for better agricultural practice. Together with the increasing need to make timely and informed decisions in order to mitigate risk and increase profitability on the farm.

With the launch of the mobile app, producers will have access to all farm-generated maps and point data for and in-field orientated decision-making through smartphone GPS functionality.

Mobile viewer functionalities include a live GPS location orientation point, showing the user as a green dot on a map – enabling producers to find problem areas and conduct root cause analysis on the spot. Developers are hard at work to ensure future updates are available to users as soon as possible.

Through the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s converging agricultural technologies, South Africa has the opportunity to become one of the early adopters with countries like the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

The full mobile version of MyFarmWeb is available for download on Android and iOS smartphone devices.
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