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Newzroom Afrika calls for change to South Africa's coat of arms

South Africa's coat of arms does not recognise women. The national symbol of our country, on all official documents from birth to death only bears the image of two men. The time has now come to change that. The time is now to replace the two men with one man and one woman - in a symbolic gesture that will move South Africa forward in a deep and meaningful manner.
Newzroom Afrika calls for change to South Africa's coat of arms

“Women’s Day and Women’s Month provide a unique opportunity to stop and reflect on the role of women in our country, given the many issues we still face, including extreme levels of gender-based violence, inequalities in the workplace and pay parity. This examination of all aspects of our society, also led to the interrogation of our national symbols," says Katy Katopodis, news director of Newzroom Afrika.

“As we mark Women’s Month, we felt that we needed to do something far more meaningful. It began with the appreciation of where we could trigger the most powerful action. The answer was a simple one and was staring all of us in the face. We see this as a small change, with massive impact – where we truly respond to how women are represented both consciously and unconsciously,” she says.

The president himself has publicly spoken out against the scourge of gender-based violence, describing it as South Africa’s second pandemic. It, therefore, made perfect sense for us to take this call straight to the office of the president.

Newzroom Afrika has been joined by prominent South Africans from across society in calling for the change. They have given their individual support, recognising that this is a powerful moment for change.

Newzroom Afrika is committed to positive and meaningful change and is calling on all South Africans, all political, business and religious leaders, to provide their support for the most powerful representation of change we can make.

Newzroom Afrika has partnered with Razor, the PR agency in the M&C Saatchi Group. “As an agency we believe in powerful conversations that lead to action. #ChangeforHer resonates deeply with our support for women in our own organisation and across our society. As a values-led group, we wholeheartedly support making this change,” says Dustin Chick, managing partner of Razor.

“In 1956, women came together to peacefully protest against injustice. Today we draw inspiration from those fearless women. We are presented with a watershed moment to ensure women are represented within our country's most powerful national symbol.

“We must respond with action, and we call on all South Africans to join this change,” adds Zamahlasela Gabela, HOD: marketing and communications at Newzroom Afrika.

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