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Influence the South African Social Media Landscape 2021

The SA Social Media Landscape Survey is one of the most significant parts of the South African social media landscape by Ornico and World Wide Worx, which is downloadable after it is launched. This report helps brands to make more informed decisions on their social media and digital marketing spend.

This year’s SA Social Media Landscape 2021comes at a time when Signal saw unprecedented growth following what some term a controversial change in WhatsApp’s privacy terms. Early findings from the survey show little to no change in the shift among brands from WhatsApp in favour of Signal.

Has your brand made significant changes in investment on social media and digital marketing spend?

In the height of lockdown, many brands and industries ramped up their usage of social media with some going live directly to their customers. This has meant that brands relied more their ability to engage in real-time with customers. It also created improved how people use social media.

Share some of your views on how your brand, clients and agency has changed its use of social media in the South African context. You will be among the first to be invited to the virtual launch event where findings will be shared in June.

Please click here and take five minutes to add your views or go to

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