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Who should your business' social media administrator be?

This year started off with social media controversy firmly in the spotlight. From estate agents to celebrities were in hot water over their contentious views posted publicly on social media.
This had an immediate effect on the private sector as businesses started tightening up the amount of their social media administrators.

Who should manage your social media profiles?

It is an important question for any business. Who should be responsible for generating content, responding to enquiries and reporting on progress? If you’re an enterprise that cannot afford a full time social media guru or digital media agency or even a business with no digital knowledge whatsoever this can be a daunting appointment. Especially because it is so difficult to control what your employees post on their personal social accounts and the inevitability of their social media posts being linked to your business.


The first thing you need to identify is which of your staff have the available time to dedicate to social media. Secondly, you need to assess which of your staff have the acumen to successfully manage the pages and lastly does this staff member know what this business’ strategies are and have a holistic understanding of the primary goals of the business.

Do your research

You’re going to have to do your research. Investigate each of the potential staff member’s social media profiles. Assessing if they post frequently, what sort of following they have, what sort of content they’re posting and whether they are linked to your company in any way.

It goes without saying that anybody spewing hate speech or and any other hurtful remarks should not be assigned to manage your social media profiles. In this event you need to request this person to remove any association they have with your business on these profiles immediately.

In the beginning

Once you’ve assigned the person that fulfils your requirements get them to run everything they post on social media through you or any other senior manager for the first three months. I know this sounds like a pain, but it ensures your business stays out of the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

In conclusion

Technology, especially free media marketing tech, has been designed to assist the corporate sector. Using it for pure business purposes and managing it professionally can mean the difference between having a business or not in five years. So, harness the power and focus on the primary goals of the service.
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