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Hot 102.7FM and Hot Cares step in to help save the lives of neglected cats

Nearly a hundred neglected cats have been given a home and the hope of a normal life, thanks to the generosity Johannesburg-based radio station Hot 102.7FM and Hot Cares.
Hot 102.7FM and Hot Cares step in to help save the lives of neglected cats

After having its attention drawn to the plight of these poor animals, Hot Cares has stepped in to cover the cost of the building of a much-needed cattery at the Roodepoort Krugersdorp SPCA.

This SPCA is one of the oldest in the country, but nothing prepared SPCA inspectors for the sight that greeted them when they responded to a tip-off regarding a large number of cats being informally housed at a property in Muldersdrift.

There they were horrified to find over 90 cats living in squalor, including numerous cats sharing rooms with the windows tightly shut; cat litter trays overflowing with faeces and urine; filthy bedding; frightened cats hiding in and under cupboards; wire enclosures full of cats; feral cats mixing with domestic cats; all cats ungroomed; and food scattered on the floor.

“The place was incredibly dirty and clearly hadn’t been cleaned for days, and the smell was just incredible and over-powering, making your eyes water. It was just horrific and a horrible thing to see,” said SPCA Inspector Annica Duffey.

All the cats were confiscated and taken into the care of the Roodepoort Krugersdorp SPCA, and they’ve subsequently been examined by a vet and are receiving care, with a number of them suffering from ailments such as feline Aids, leukaemia, gum disease, ear mites, and skin problems.

Hot 102.7FM and Hot Cares step in to help save the lives of neglected cats

The Roodepoort Krugersdorp SPCA has taken on the responsibility of caring for these neglected animals, but it’s an organisation that relies on donations to do the good work it does. Not only does it need to fund medical care and food for these poor animals, but also find a way to house them.

That’s where Hot Cares comes in.

Every year it hosts its Teddython fundraiser with Hot 102.7FM and the 2022 event saw a whopping R8.9m in cash, goods and services raised, with all of these funds and products providing Hot Cares with the means to continue doing the work it does over the coming year. That includes a range of sustainable initiatives, from regular programmes to once-off interventions.

Hot Cares strives to make a meaningful difference to the lives of those around it, dedicating its efforts to providing much-needed assistance to those who find themselves in difficult circumstances, focusing on four key areas: humanitarian and welfare, medical, educational, and animal welfare.

"That’s why this story resonates so deeply with us, as this is exactly how Hot 102.7FM and Hot Cares can make a material difference,” says Lloyd Madurai, managing director of Hot 102.7FM. “The plight of these poor animals really touched us and we’re delighted to be able to play a part in significantly improving their lives.”

Hot Cares will be fully funding the three-phase approach to the building of a cattery at the Roodepoort Krugersdorp SPCA, to the tune of R70,000.

Hot 102.7FM and Hot Cares step in to help save the lives of neglected cats

This fits strategically with the Hot Cares vision and sits alongside its existing initiatives, such as its weekly soup kitchen, the crèches it helps in informal settlements, the assistance it provides entrepreneurs and NPOs, medical assistance for those in need, educational bursaries and the upliftment of schools and orphanages, and the assistance it provides individuals who just need a helping hand.

HOT 102.7FM
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