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AutoTrader joins global conversation on emissions reduction

AutoTrader CEO leads panel discussion on scaling zero emissions within the delivery sectors at COP28’s World Climate Summit.
AutoTrader joins global conversation on emissions reduction

Following AutoTrader’s involvement at COP28, the United Nations’ Climate Change conference, AutoTrader is now part of the greater global conversation to accelerate decarbonisation and is driving the conversation in sustainability and decarbonisation in the used car market.

COP is where the world comes together to address the climate crisis. This year, government, stakeholders and business leaders from around the world met in Dubai, UAE.

For some time now, AutoTrader has been championing conversation around the adoption of electric vehicles in South Africa, as well as their impact on emission reduction in the used car market.

In a nod to AutoTrader’s role in driving long-term sustainability of the automotive economy and aiding decarbonisation of South Africa’s national car parc, AutoTrader CEO, George Mienie was selected by Naspers Prosus to host and moderate a panel at COP28’s World Climate Summit.

Growing concerns over carbon emissions, climate change, air pollution, and urbanisation require sustainable solutions. But how to reconcile convenience with environmental responsibility is the dilemma that society is grappling with.

The food, grocery and retail delivery sectors, fuelled by rapid expansion and growing popularity, find themselves at the centre of this dilemma.

George Mienie, CEO AutoTrader South Africa
George Mienie, CEO AutoTrader South Africa

Focus on these delivery platforms (many of which operate in emerging economies) and realising scale in zero-emissions delivery through electrifying delivery fleets was at the heart of the panel discussion hosted by Mienie who himself is passionate about all things electric vehicle-related.

“I was honoured to be selected by Naspers Prosus to host and moderate a panel at COP28 to release their new research titled ‘Electrifying Progress’ alongside a number of global stakeholders,” said Mienie. “AutoTrader shares the same goals and values of Naspers Prosus, which include the long-term sustainability of the planet and the automotive economy in South Africa.”

“To support the sustainability goals of Naspers Prosus, AutoTrader needs to understand the group’s position and role in greater global conversations and use its resources to identify solutions for the South African eco-system,” he said.

Naspers Prosus’ report marks the group’s commitment to supporting their food delivery, groceries, and online retailing to decarbonise their deliveries.

Up to 50% of carbon emissions associated with delivery can be traced back to the last-mile phase. Without intervention, we can expect global last-mile delivery demand to increase by 78% by 2030, and the number of delivery vehicles to rise by 36%, increasing emissions by 32%.

The panel discussion was centred around the three key objectives identified in the Electrifying Progress report; price, practice and public acceptance challenges that need to be solved in order to realise scale in zero-emissions delivery.

The comprehensive report also sheds light on the barriers to scaling electric vehicles and the initiatives, insights, and best practices of successful delivery platforms. It looks beyond sustainability objectives, highlighting the substantial economic savings that scaling electrification can yield given that electric vehicles have reduced per kilometre consumption, lower operational costs and offer protection against volatile fuel prices.

While stakeholders in the delivery and logistics ecosystem are piloting, investing and promoting zero carbon deliveries, enabling support predominantly has to come from policy and finance, which are currently falling short in many markets, said AutoTrader.

However, an idea proposed by Naspers Prosus Global head of sustainability, Prajna Khanna, during the panel discussion may aid in accelerating policy and finance support. Currently, in its exploratory phase, Project Delivery50 aims to become a global initiative that unites food delivery and retail platforms behind the commitment of 50% zero emissions deliveries.

Aside from attending Investment COP23 and being part of various panels that address and spotlight challenges in decarbonisation and green corporate best practices, AutoTrader has also committed to producing a report which aims to unpack and understand the environmental impact of used cars.

“The purpose of this report is to chart a way forward that both supports the eco-system of South Africa whilst still protecting the financial and socio-economic integrity of the automotive landscape in SA,” says Mienie.

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