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Spier Light Art 2022 calls for proposals

Spier is proud to announce the fourth edition of Spier Light Art, which will be exhibited throughout the historic wine farm from 17 March to 18 April 2022. Designers, architects, and light, sound and video artists, as well as students and institutions, are invited to submit expressions of interest for projects and video-based artworks.
Spier Light Art 2022 will celebrate people’s unflinching resilience and reflect on enchantment and exuberance as a way to contribute to this year’s curatorial agenda.

Future Form Design Group - "Origin" - Image: Supplied
Future Form Design Group - "Origin" - Image: Supplied

Themes may include:

  • Enchantment and exuberance
  • Resilience (not only relating to Covid-19)
  • The current socio-political landscape
  • Our relationship to technology and its disruptive influence
  • Spier as a working wine farm, its history and its relationship to the region

Categories of work may include:

  • Site-specific work (designed for specific places on Spier wine farm)
  • Sculptural, object-based work
  • Interactive art (following Covid-19 protocols)
  • Digital works that foreground technology
  • Video art

Johanna Reich - "Crawler" - Image: Supplied
Johanna Reich - "Crawler" - Image: Supplied

Covid-19 Restrictions

The future is hard to predict with Covid-19, but it is essential that we ensure audiences’ safety. Interactive works need to adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols on touching shared spaces and surfaces, as well as social distancing. All work will be installed in outside spaces and must be fully weatherproof.

Onsite Briefing

The curatorial team will hold an onsite briefing on Saturday, 11 September 2021 at 10am starting at the Manor House. Please RSVP to az.oc.reips@trathgil before 8 September 2021.

Paul Vendel, Sandra de Wolf - "Fluxit" - Image: Supplied
Paul Vendel, Sandra de Wolf - "Fluxit" - Image: Supplied

Submission requirements and process

Expressions of interest must include:
  • Artist/collective/studio biographies of all involved project (200 words)
  • A short response to at least one of the themes (300 words)
  • A concise description of the work including concept sketches (300 words):
  • A description of the audience interaction/engagement with the work if not a video (300 words):
  • A provisional budget, indicating whether it is to be funded completely or in part by the Spier Arts Trust; and
  • Web links to and/or images of the proposed work or, if not already developed, examples of previous work.

Email expressions of interest to the Project Manager at az.oc.reips@trathgil before 15 October 2021. A more thorough proposal may be requested after the shortlist is announced.

The Spier Arts Trust will completely or partially fund installations chosen by the Selection Committee, headed by curator Jay Pather.

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